• Become a Volunteer
    It takes many helping hands to produce the kind of quality education found at our school.  Our volunteers are a crucial part of the total school program.  They help classroom teachers, work in the Media Center, help in the clinic, tutor students, and assist with school activities. 

    Information about how to become a school volunteer is found at /get-involved

    To maintain the educational and safety needs of all students, and to make your experience as a school volunteer a beneficial one, please follow these procedures as you assist in our school:
    1.    Volunteers are required to complete an application form annually before beginning their assignment.
    2.    Volunteers are required to sign in and out on the binder located in the front office.
    3.    For identification, volunteers must wear a volunteer button at all times.
    4.    Volunteers are not allowed to bring younger children with them.
    5.    Volunteers need to establish a routine with the teacher they are working with in regards to communication and school/classroom rules.
    6.    Volunteers will only be assigned to staff members requesting assistance.
    7.    Volunteers should set a good example for students by their manner, appearance, and behavior.

    All volunteers with an ACTIVE status for the 2013/2014 school year and a minimum of four volunteer hours, are being automatically processed through Level 1 security clearance. Once the process is completed, the status of those volunteers who receive clearance will be changed to APPROVED in the STAR System.