Absence Reporting / Policy

  • Not Coming to School Today?
    Florida State law requires regularity of attendance.  When a child is absent from school for any reason, the absence is to be verified with a note to the teacher from the parent or guardian the day the child returns.  You may inform the office by calling (754) 323-7550.  If the absence is due to an illness, the note should state the nature of the illness.  A good record of attendance is encouraged.  Per Broward County School Board policy, a student must be in attendance at least 25 school days each grading period in order to receive a report card.  As part of the Broward Truancy Intervention Program, parents will be notified after 3 consecutive unexcused absences in the form of a letter generated by the district.  If you receive this letter, please do not be alarmed; call the school office to correct the information.

    The Broward County Public School and the State Attorney’s Office have initiated the Broward Truancy Intervention Program (BTIP) and Silver Shores Elementary has been selected to participate in this program.  The intent of the program is to prevent truancy (unexcused absences.)  Your child’s attendance will be monitored on a daily basis, and unexcused absences will be reported to you.  Should your child have a series of unexcused absences, the State Attorney’s Office will be notified.  The State Attorney’s Office may take appropriate action up to and including criminal prosecution of the parent or guardian.

    You are required to contact the school each time your child is absent and provide the school with the reason for the absence.  When you are notified of an unexcused absence, you are required to immediately contact the school to discuss the situation and to take action to stop the truant behavior.  To report absences, please contact the school office at 754-323-7550