Medication Policies

  • Medication Policies
    Broward County School Board Policy 6305 expressly forbids the dispensing of medicines to students by employees of the school system without specific authorization by the Health Director of the Broward County Health Department.

    The Broward County Health Department recommends that parents inform their doctors of their child’s school hours in order that adjustments of time and dosage are made to avoid conflict with school policy.

    Medication, including aspirin/Tylenol, cannot be administered by the school unless a medical authorization form has been completed by you and your physician and is on file in the school office.  New documentation must be completed each year for students on medication.  Authorization for Medication form is in the back of this booklet. Prescription medication bottles must be labeled with your child’s name, dosage to be given, and when medication is to be administered.  These rules are mandated by Florida law and must be adhered to at all times.  Parents, not students, must bring medication to the school office where it will be checked in by the office staff.

    Also, please be reminded that cough drops, aspirin, eye, ear, or nose drops, allergy pills, etc., all come under the restrictions dealing with the administering and dispensing of medicine in school, and, in fact, cannot be brought to school by the children.