Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Controlling School Trafiic is Essential for Safety
    Student Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures
    School Hours: 8:00am – 2:00pm


    • Please drive through the loop slowly as people are continually crossing the street from the parking lot to the school
    • Upon arrival, please pull to the end of the driveway, or up to the car in front of you
    • DO NOT EXIT the car; your child should be the only one exiting
    • Your child should exit the car from the passenger side of the automobile
    • Please refrain from conversations as this is the time to drop off only; if you have a concern, or need to assist your child with something (i.e. sign an agenda), please park in the lot – DO NOT remain in the car loop as this stops traffic
    • Do not weave in and out of the lanes unless directed to do so – this will eventually end up in a collision
    • After your child exits, please exit the car loop in a safe fashion and have an excellent day J



    • Please drive through the loop slowly and have your name tag displayed to expedite your child’s pickup
    • Upon arrival, please pull to the end of the driveway, or up to the car in front of you
    • Do not exit your car; we will assist your child when you pull up to the loading zone
    • Please refrain from conversations as this is the time to pick up only; if you need to speak with the teacher, please park in the lot – DO NOT remain in the car loop as this stops traffic
    • After your child enters the car, please make sure they put on their seatbelts.
    • Exit the car loop in a safe fashion and have an excellent day J


    If we follow the procedures set forth, Silver Shores Elementary will continue to remain a safe and secure school, especially during our drop off and pick up times. If you have any questions or ideas to better streamline our procedures, please feel free to call me at (754) 323-7578.

    It is very important that we make the getting to and leaving from school as safe as possible. Please be patient and willing to make school arrival/dismissal safe for everyone. You are the most significant role model that your child has. If you are picking up a car rider, please stay in your car in the car line and move along. Cell phone use is notpermitted in the car line.  This will help expedite the dismissal procedure.  Walkers meet their siblings to walk home together

    The following procedures are in place at Silver Shores Elementary in order to ensure a smooth andsafe transition for students at dismissal time. Please take a moment to review the groups below and consider which group you would like your child to be a part of. We are asking for the cooperation of all parents on this very important safety matter. No exceptions can be made. This procedure will be strictly enforced.  If you would like to change your child’s mode of dismissal during the school year, please be sure to contact his or her teacher in writing.

    Car riders: Your child is considered a car rider ONLY if you are going to remain in your vehicle and drive through the car line. This area is for parents who will not be parking/exiting their vehicle.  Please do not utilize the front or rear school parking lots to park and pick up your child.

    Pedestrian Pick-up: Students whose parents need to leave their vehicle and walk up to the school will fall under this category. Parents will park at the Silver Shores Park behind the school and walk to the P.E. shelter area to meet their child. No parents who will be allowed to park in the school parking lot unless they have a scheduled conference or appointment. Pedestrian Pick-up students will never be brought to the front of the school for dismissal.

    Walkers: Students will report to the PE shelter to meet siblings and friends. They will be dismissed when the bell rings at 2 PM.

    Bike Riders: Students who ride their bikes to school will report to the back bike rack at the end of the school day and remain on school grounds until the bell at 2pm. The bike rack in the front of the school will be locked. Students will utilize the back bike rack only.

    Bus Riders: Both public and private bus riders will be taken to the bus holding areas for dismissal.



    Please follow the procedures listed below to ensure a SAFE arrival and dismissal.  This creates a sense of order and consistency for your child.  You can rest assured that we will take good care of your child and make sure he/she gets to his/her class safely.



     The West side of the school has been designated for parent drop off/pick up of students.  Cars should maintain a single file line, stay close to the curb, and not pass another car unless directed to do so. Please pull all the way forward before stopping to drop off your child.  This will help with any traffic back-ups.  Drivers in pick up areas must remain with their cars and follow the flow of traffic. Cars may not stop and wait for a child or be left unattended. Children may not be dropped off in the parking lot or the street. You may only use designated car drop off area to drop off students. Parents may park in the parking lot and walk their children to the building. Children are not to walk unescorted in the parking lot. Cars in the parking lot must be in a parking space. During dismissal siblings/carpool students will be seated with the youngest rider.  If there is a need to enter the building, a suitable parking space should be found so that the flow of traffic is not interrupted.  Please remember outdoor supervision ends at 2:20 p.m.  Remember, cell phone use is prohibited in the car pool lane. Most of all please be patient as we share the same goal of having every child remain safe. 


    Please arrive prior to these times if you have a conference or school business. When you pick up,please remain in your car and have a sheet of paper or car hang tag on the dashboard with the student’s last name grade and teacher visible. 



    Bus transportation is provided for students residing beyond two miles from school or at a location where hazardous conditions exist.  In order to help insure the safety of all passengers, each bus rider is expected to cooperate and follow bus safety rules.  Failure to do so may result in loss of bus riding privileges.  The bus driver has the right to assign students to certain seats when necessary to maintain appropriate conduct on the bus.  Please notify the teacher with a written note if there is to be a change in the transporting of your child.  If no notification is received your child will follow his or her regular method of getting home.


    If your child is a bus rider, make sure he/she is at the appropriate bus stop.  Also, be patient with bus transportation the first few days.  The children on the buses will be dropped off at the Bus Loading Zone on the East side of the school and directed to their classes.  Students may ride ONLY the bus to which they are assigned and should not ask permission to ride another bus.



    Students need to be aware of their surroundings and, whenever possible, travel in pairs or groups.  Instruct your child to cross all streets with the school crossing guards.  For safety, children walking to school should use the sidewalks provided and cross only at the crosswalks with the crossing guard.  Upon dismissal, students should go directly home and not linger on the school campus.

    Students are to be respectful of other people and property as they travel to and from school.

    Also, please talk with your child frequently and positively about starting school.  Read them books about school and tell them about your school days.  If your child will be walking or riding a bike to school, walk or ride with him/her often along the safest route.  If your child will ride the bus, show him where he/she will get on and off, and talk to him/her about safe behavior on the bus.


    Children are permitted to ride their bicycles to school if good riding habits are observed.  However, the right to deny the privilege is retained by the school.  The school is not responsible for loss or damage.  Children are required to wear helmets when riding a bicycle. All students will utilize the bike rack in the back of the school only.

    By reviewing the above procedures, we look forward to having a safe and smooth year.



    We ask that you give your children directions about where they are to report should we be forced to have an unexpected dismissal because of a hurricane, tornado, or to meet a specific county emergency.  Be sure you fill out the Emergency Dismissal Form you received in the first day packet for each child enrolled in Silver Shores Elementary School.  It is the parent’s responsibility to be sure that we have the most current information.  You will be asked to provide a “Password” for identification purposes.

    Two different phone numbers must be listed on the emergency form and update immediately when there is a job change or any other vital information changes.  


    In the event of a violent thunderstorm of tropical downpour we will enact RAINY DAY DISMISSAL. 


    We will be able to get all the children out in a much more orderly fashion if parents’ remain in their cars. On rare days like those, it is important to be patient and understand that a child’s safety is more important than saving a few minutes.

    All walkers, bike riders, and car riders will be held in the cafeteria. Please remain in your car and your child’s name will be called out. Please have your child’s name written and posted on your window so that it can be clearly seen by school staff. The student name will be called and the student will be dismissed from the cafeteria with an adult and place in your vehicle.


    Students will not be released to parents who are on foot until 2:30 pm.  Please remain in your car. If you walk to pick up your child, you will be able to wait in the Media Center until 2:30 pm when your child will be released to you.


    Bus riders will be loaded onto the buses as usual. Throughout the year, please remind your child about what to do if it is raining at dismissal time.   On days of severe rain and thunderstorms, all students will be held in the cafeteria with the exception of bus riders.

     *For safety reasons, umbrellas will not be permitted.  Please send your child with rainwear, in the event of heavy rains.



    Early dismissal should be avoided.  We ask that parents make doctor and dentist appointments after school hours when possible.  Your children will miss VALUABLE SCHOOL HOURS that cannot be made up the next day.  Students will not be released between 1:30 and 2:00 PM.  Homework and final instructions for the day are being given during this time. 

    Please report to the office when picking your child up early.  We will call for them and dismiss them from the office in our presence.  PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE CLASSROOMS!!  This is for your child’s safety.

    Students will be released to only those listed on the Registration or Emergency Dismissal Form. In the event of an emergency regarding the change of dismissal procedures for your child, please notify the office, and be prepared to answer questions and provide your password in order to verify your identity.  If possible you may also fax a photo ID.  If your child is to be released to another adult, written permission MUST be given by the parent and approved by the principal or designee. YOU MUST SHOW ID WHEN PICKING UP A STUDENT.  ALL students MUST be signed out through the school office.  These procedures are designed to protect our students.  Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

    As part of the school’s calendar, students will be released early once a month at 12:00 PM.  Please make sure to complete the Early Release Instructions form in the back of this booklet. 

    Teachers must be notified in writing if a student will be taking transportation home that deviates from the normal routine.  If the written notification is not received, the student will be sent home in the usual way.