Pre-School ESE

  • Pre-School ESE Suggested School Supplies

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    1 Nap Mat: mat with attached pillow and blanket that rolls up (available at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond)

    1 book bag large enough to fit a 1-inch notebook

    2 liquid soaps

    1 plastic duo tang folder with clips and pockets

    2 bags/ boxes of reward treats (gummy snacks, cheerios, goldfish, ect.)

    1 zipper pencil case (no boxes please)

    1 package fingerpaint

    1 can shaving cream

    2 Elmers liquid glue

    2 packages of small glue sticks

    1 box of tall trash bags with drawstrings

    1 box of ziploc bags (quart or gallon size)

    2 reams of white copy paper

    2 containers of Lysol wipes

    2 cans Lysol spray

    1 package of velcro

    1 pair of headphones

    2 package of Crayola crayons

    2 boxes of Crayola markers

    1 pack of 3 fats pencils

    1 extra set of clothing in a zip lock bag labeled with the child’s name (shirt, short/pants, underwear, socks)

    13 pack paper towels


    Enough Pull ups and wipes for at least a week for those not yet potty trained


    Lunch and breakfast money (money paid online) or a packed lunch from home in a lunchbox labeled with child’s name.