• ESE Suggest School Supply List 

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    1 large book-bag with your student's name on it

    1 complete change of clothes in a Ziploc bag (socks too)

    diapers if needed

    2 packages of fat Crayola markers

    4 packages of fat Crayola crayons

    8 large glus sticks

    2 bottles of Elmers glue

    4 packages of baby wipes

    6 Cloros wipes

    5 reams of printer paper

    2 packs of sandwich size ziploc bags

    2 packs of quart size ziploc bags

    2 packs of gallon size ziploc bags

    1 roll of clear packing tape

    1 package of dry-erase markers

    4 packages of facial tissues

    1 box of spoons/forks and knives

    2 duo tag plastics folders (2 pockets with prongs)

    1 pk paper plates

    1 roll blue painter tape

    2 composition notebooks

    1 breakaway lanyard

    2 packages index cards

    4 bottles of antibacterial foam soap