5th Grade

  • 5th Grade Suggested School Supply List

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    1 bottle of liquid glue

    1 ream of copy paper

    1 pk of post-it notes

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    2 boxes of tissues

    4 glue sticks jumbo pack

    1 lanyard for school ID

    6 duo tang folders with prongs and pockets

    6 composition books

    1 pk lined paper

    1 ruler

    1 pk dry eraser markers (chisel pt)

    1 pk highlighters

    3 packages pencils

    red/blue pens (1 pack)

    1 USB Drive

    ear buds/headphones to be kept in classroom

    1 pk pink pearl erasers

    1 pencil pouch to be kept inside desk                              


    Items needed in backpack on a daily basis:

    Loose-leaf paper, sharpened pencils, cap eraser or block eraser, earbuds (headphones), flash drive, highlighter, customary/metric ruler, package of colored pencils, set of thin markers, scissors, blue pen, pencil pouch, crayons, a novel for silent reading


    Boys:                                                         Girls:

    2 packages baby wipes flushable            box of gallon ziplocs

    1 package of index cards (3x5)               box of quart ziplocs

    1 pk transparent tape refills                   package of 4 sharpies

    1 container of Lysol wipes



    Special Requests (optional but appreciated)

    pk of page protectors

    3M thermal laminating pouches

    colored copy paper

    card stock (copy-sized)

    4x6 index cards

    pk of velcro

    pk of magnets