4th Grade

  • 4th Grade Suggested School Supply List

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    3 packs of regular ruled loose-leaf paper

    4 packs of No.2 sharpened pencils-NO mechanical pencils

    1 pack of erasers

    1 pack red or blue pens

    1 pack of colored pencils & markers

    1ruler (12 inch customary/metric)

    1 protractor

    5 duo tang folders with prongs & pockets (solid colors only) plastic preferred

    4 black & white composition notebooks

    1 pack of highlighters (multi-colored)

    1 pack EXPO brand dry-erase markers (chisel-tip)

    1 pack glue sticks

    2 reams of white copy paper

    1 pair of headphones or earbuds to be kept in classroom

    1 lanyards for school ID

    3 boxes of tissue

    1 pencil pouch to be kept inside of desk

    1 USB Drive


    Boys:                                                   Girls:

    1 pack of index cards 3X5                 1 box  gallon size ziploc

    2 boxes of wipes                              1 box  quart size ziploc

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer                  1 pack of black Sharpies


    * No spiral notebooks or Trapper Keepers