From the desk of Ronald Forsman


    Mr. Ronald Forsman

      Greetings parents and students,

    I am very pleased to welcome you to Forest Glen Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year.  I am anxious to see your smiling faces and welcome you to Wildcat Country!  We have so many things planned for the new school.  We have added some great new staff members to the team and I am excited for you to meet them.  They will bring their diverse background and experience to the students and help to enrich their lives and move them academically. Last year was a great year for us!  We released out “Inner Super Hero!” earning high scores and winning competitions. Yes, our students and teachers did just that. Our award-winning year includes:

    • 2017-18 ~ Straight Superiors for our Band Program – 14 students were accepted to the Broward All-County Band.
    • 2017-18 ~ Straight Superiors for ALL three Choral Groups (the only school in the State to accomplish this!)  (students were accepted to the All-State Chorus!
    • 2017-18 ~ Two students won Best in Show at the 2018 MLK Art & Literary Exhibits
    • 2017-18 ~ Mitchell Comiskey recognized as the International Ocean Awareness Educator by Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs
    • 2018-19 ~ Vex Robotic Grant Recipient

    In addition, we are very proud of our students’ academic performance. A few more highlights from the 2017-18 school year include:

    • 98% of our Algebra students passed the High School Algebra End of Course (EOC) exam.
    • 100% of our Geometry students passed the High School Geometry EOC exam.
    • 94% of our Biology students passed the High School Biology EOC exam.
    • 93% of our Information Communication Technology (ICT) Multi-Media students were certified.
    • 70% of our 8th grade students head to high school with “High School Credits”

    Forest Glen also offers 16 high school credit earning classes and 28 Extra-curricular Clubs and Teams, fantastic Before- and After-School programs, and After-School Tutoring.

    Last year was and especially difficult year in the Broward County Public Schools.  We had a solar eclipse, a hurricane and an unimaginable tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  As a result, the District has been working very hard to amp up security measures at all schools across the district.  We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all students and staff.  To this end, we have instituted some changes in our school operations as follows:

    • All Broward County schools will conduct monthly Code Red Drills – A Code Red is a full school lockdown. When we execute the drill, we will announce it as a drill to alleviate undue stress. However, we do need to practice as if it were an actual event to ensure all students know the safety procedures for every situation.  We will continue to provide monthly Fire Drills and semi-annual Tornado Drills as required by law.  All drills are monitored for efficiency, procedural compliance and effectiveness.  We make corrections or revisions as needed to ensure the highest level of safety preparedness and to be the best we can be!
    • ID badges – ALL students and staff will be required to wear picture ID badges always when on campus. ID badges must be worn for entrance to sporting events, dances, etc.  If a student loses or forgets their ID badge, they will be given a new badge and lanyard and be assessed a $5 obligation.  This is a very important District wide protocol and we must be vigilant in this endeavor.
    • Campus admission – ALL visitors must present a government picture ID to be permitted on campus. This ID will be scanned into our security system to document your visit and presence on campus.
    • Arrival & Dismissal – Student supervision begins at 8:50 am and ends at 4:20 pm. Due to safety and security issues, students are not permitted on campus before 8:50 am or after 4:20 pm unless they are involved in a club or athletic team that is meeting at that time.  We have a fabulous Before and After Care Program that is very affordable.  If your work hours will require you to drop off your child prior to 8:50 am or to pick them up after 4:20 pm, you must enroll them in the Before or After Care Programs.  If they are on campus outside of the times mentioned above, we will enroll them in this program and charge you accordingly.  Please help us provide a safe and secure environment for your child and the other students and staff of Forest Glen.
    • Early dismissal – NO student will be permitted to sign out after 3:10 pm. We want to honor instructional time and we are preparing for dismissal.  Please make your appointments and plans accordingly.
    • Safety Committee – We are looking for 2-3 parents who would like to be a parent of the school Safety Committee. Please contact Mr. Segarra if interested.
    • Late to school – If you are bringing your child late to school, we ask you to accompany them in to the office to sign them in to school. We are going to monitor late arrivals more closely and issue appropriate consequences for students who arrive late to school multiple times without proper paperwork – doctor’s note.
    • We do not accept outside food delivered to the school. This includes a parent bringing food from a restaurant to the school.  We also do not permit large quantities of cupcakes or cakes to be brought into the cafeteria.

    Other Announcements and Important Information:

    • PTO – We are starting over! A brand-new year and a brand-new PTO.  All parents are welcome to join PTO and their efforts to support the school and the students.  At that time, we will be looking for officers to step up and lead the efforts.  Please make the time to be a part of this vital organization!
    • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) initiative – We are going full force with our schoolwide SEL initiative this school year. What is SEL?  SEL is a systemic wide approach to teaching students how to:
    • Recognize and manage their emotions
    • Demonstrate caring and concern for others
    • Establish positive relationships
    • Make responsible decisions
    • Constructively handle challenging social situations

    From entering school at the beginning of the day to exiting school at the end of the day, there will be a focus on responsibility and accountability, kindness, and positive relationships. 

    WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Turn off or block social media from your children’s phones!!!  We spend an inordinate amount of time mediating drama created on social media and brought to the school.  This includes cyber bullying!  Most of the student harassment and eventual bullying is conducted on social media.  As the adults we need to stop students from their exposure to seeing this and possibly being a victim of the negative behavior.  We will be conducting parent institutes to teach you how to monitor or block this negative influence from your child.

    • Volleyball Tryouts – Girls tryouts for soccer are from 7:30 am to 8:30 am & Boys from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm pm as follows:
      • November 26th Girls - 6th grade  & Boys - 6th & 7th grades
      • November 27th Girls - 7th grade & Boys - 8th Grade
      • November 28th Girls - 8th grade & Boys - Final Cuts (Invitation Only)
      • November 29th Girls Final Cuts (Invitation Only)
      • All tryouts are held in the Gynamisum
    • After School Clubs – The Club Schedule of dates and times will be posted to the website under the Students & Parents tab on Friday, August 17th. Clubs will begin meeting the week of August 20th as indicated.  We encourage you to get involved in one or more of our clubs and have a fun time with your friends.
    • ALL students who participate in extracurricular activities – sports and clubs must be picked up on time. Please be sure to arrange for timely transportation.  Students not picked up on time will be subject to removal from the activity.

    Curriculum and Instruction:

    • Project-based & Problem-based Learning: We are excited to expand and enhance or work with students to provide more project-based learning across the curricula.  Students will learn and work with the standards in real-life problem solving and project development.  This will help them in developing soft skills and learning how to work in teams.  Essentials necessary for the work world.  It is a great opportunity to grow and development academically and interpersonally.
    • iReady, Common Lit, Khan Academy & We know students do not spend enough time reading and practicing essential math and reading skills.  We are continuing our use of the iReady system for remediation and development of reading and math skills.  For enrichment and higher-level practice, we will be utilizing Common Lit in Reading and Language Arts and Khan Academy in Mathematics.  These web-based programs can be accessed at home as well for additional skill development and enhancement.  We encourage students to practice at least an additional hour a week to become proficient and make learning gains.  All students will use to increase and grow their academic vocabulary.  This will help in the classroom, on the FSA and when they take their college entrance exams.  A better vocabulary improves reading comprehension and academic success. 


    Get Involved!  Parent Involvement is essential to your child’s success. 

    But I am a working parent.  You can still get involved.  Many of the activities happen outside of the school day.  It is so important to be involved in your child’s education and school. 

    • You can work on committees that plan and develop school improvement initiatives – Join SAC (School Advisory Council) or SAF (School Advisory Forum)
    • You can help raise funds to purchase new technology and software for the students. Or, you can sponsor and facilitate programs for student recognition like Straight “A” Honor Roll breakfast or Ice Cream Party – Join PTO! (Parent Teacher Organization)
    • You can work to improve/enhance school security measures – Join the Safety Committee
    • You can volunteer to help at school events, work in the office, work in the Media Center, etc. – Join Parent Volunteers!
    • You can collaborate with parents from the feeder schools on zone wide initiatives and programs – Join the Coral Springs Parent Advisory!


    Support Staff Teams - (754) 322-3400

                                                  6th-Grade                   7th-Grade                               8th-Grade

    Assistant Principal               Dave Segarra               Beth Osborne                          Tiffany Barnett                      

    Guidance Counselor             Patrick Auger               Lakia Brandon                          Natasha Wilson

    ESE Support  Facilitator       Cynthia Levine             Rachel Greenhawt                    Amanda Torres


    Registration               (754) 322- 3404         Connie Schwartz

    Attendance                (754) 322-3403           Barbara Esposito

    ESE Specialist            (754) 322-3420           Deniece Jones


    The Support Staff Team is here to help your student with their social and emotional growth, academics, and general problems.  If your student needs help, all they must do is ask.  We also have “Help Forms” in every classroom throughout the campus.  The student takes a Help Form, fills it out, and gives it to a teacher or Support Team member.  Then a Support Team member will call them in and help them to find a resolution.  


    We can’t help if we don’t know! 


    We look forward to working with you to make this a great year!



    Our Vision Statement:  "Forest Glen is committed to educating all students to reach their highest potential."