• Florida School Accountability Program Grades

    2017-2018 B

    2016-2017 B

    2015-2016 B

    2014-2015 B

    2013-2014 B

    2012-2013 B

    2011-2012 A

    2010-2011 A

    2009-2010 A

    2008-2009 A

    2007-2008 A

    2006-2007 A

    2005-2006 A

    2004-2005 A

    2003-2004 A

    2002-2003 A

    2001-2002 A



    Congratulations to Mohammed El Mohd, Roderick Neloms and Justin Washington, for their honesty and integrity. While in Reading class, they found a bag of expensive jewelry in a game that the teacher, Ms. Kolp, had brought from home. The students alerted the substitute and returned the jewelry to the shelf as directed by the sub. Ms. Kolp was able to retrieve all of the jewelry upon her return.


    Wildcat Basketball

    Congratulations to the FGMS Boys Basketball team. The boys team finished their season with only two losses and first round of play-offs. They showed true Wildcat pride and were defeated with dignity and displayed true sportsmanship all season!  We are proud of you!


    Congratulations to our Employees of the Year!

    Erick Kornhauser has been recognized as Instructional Teacher of the Year.

    Paquia Witherspoon has been recognized as the School-Related Employee of the Year.