Literacy Corner

  • Gina Forcier- Literacy Coach 

    Helping Your Child Love Reading!

    Good readers form mental pictures as they read (visualizing). To improve your child’s comprehension, read a book without letting him see it.  Then, ask him to guess what the illustrations look like. 

    Examples:  How are the characters dressed?  Is the setting bright or gloomy?


    Respond to literature!

    Have your child use higher other thinking skills by connecting their reading to writing.  Have them respond in writing.  Here are a few suggestions:

    • Words from the Book I Can Read; My Favorite Part
    • Have them draw and label the beginning, middle and ending to a story:
    • Main Character:  Write 6 words describing the character; Name of character; Do you like the character?
    • Non-Fiction – Write 3 new things you learned; Write one thing you knew;


    Fun with Words

    Have your child cut out several photographs and their captions separately.  Mix them up.  Matching the captions and the photos will improve his/her reading comprehension.

    Scavenger hunt – List items in the newspaper (car ad, crossword puzzle, weather forecast), and ask your youngster to find and circle each one. 

    Your child will build research skills as he/she looks through the pages.


    Parent Reading Tips – Reading Connection Beginning Edition