Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Controlling School Traffic is Essential for Safety
    Students should be picked up and dropped off at the car loops only. Parents wishing to park should walk their children to the front gate. Parents are not allowed to walk their children to their classrooms after the first week of school.


    Stirling Elementary Arrival Procedures

    7:30 am - Students enter the building. All children are to remain downstairs and either eat breakfast in the Stirling Cafe OR sit appropriately on the benches/tables and read or talk quietly.

    7:55 am: First Bell - Students enter classrooms and read quietly/prepare for the day.

    8:00am: Second Bell - School Begins



    Teachers will open their doors at 7:55 am and allow children to enter.

    Parents who drive children to school are allowed to drop off their children ONLY at designated areas.

    All bicycles will be parked in the bicycle compound and will be locked until dismissal. All bike riders MUST wear helmets.

    Every parent/adult that is not employed at the school MUST check in at the front office through the STAR system.



    Stirling Elementary Dismissal Procedures

    K-1 grade students will be picked up in the front of the school (55th avenue).

    2-5 grade students are to be picked up on the SW side of the school (near N Hills Drive).

    Students with siblings attending Stirling will report to the younger siblings dismissal area. This allows parents to make just one stop.

    Parents are asked to please pull their cars all the way up in the car loop.

    Never leave your car parked in the car loop. If you need to come inside, please use a parking space.

    Please refrain from using your cell phone while driving through the car loop.

    Please walk across the marked crosswalks located in the front of the school.

    Please do not stop your car on the crosswalk and be mindful of other parents that may be using it.

    Our bus loop is on 56th avenue for all bus riders and private day care busses ONLY. Bus students are called to the media center at 1:55pm.

    Bike riders and walkers are dismissed at 2:00pm.

    One teacher from each grade level will walk the walkers out at the bell.

    Early dismissal is only permitted before 1:30pm on full school days and before 11:30am on Early Release Days.

    K - 1st-grade students will stand in the alcove located in the front entrance. Parents are directed to remain in their cars and wait for their child to be brought to them by school staff.

    2nd - 5th-grade students will remain under the overhang near their regular dismissal area. Students will be directed to their cars by school staff (in the event of lightning, 2nd - 5th-grade students will remain in the Art Room and Media Center until they can safely walk to their vehicles).

    Under no circumstances, are cars to be left unattended in either car loop.

    Students who walk home or ride their bikes are dismissed as long as there is no lightning/thunder in the area.

    Safety is always our main priority. Please be respectful of everyone!