Student Progression


    *Based on School Board Policy 6000.1:

    1.  Report Cards
    Progress reports are issued at the end of every nine weeks of school and cover a period of approximately 45 school days. Report cards are sent home with the student from the 6th period class.  The final report card of the year will be mailed home from the district.

    2.  Interim Reports
    Midway between marking periods, an interim report shall be sent home to parents with students.

    3.  Promotion
    To be promoted, students in grades six and seven must pass a minimum of four subjects, two of which must be in English, mathematics, science or social studies.  A passing grade for a full year will be computed based on grades received for the year and will be averaged.

    4. Promotion to 9th grade will require passing:
    a) 3 middle school or higher, year-long courses in English (Language Arts).

    b) 3 middle school or higher, year-long courses in Mathematics.

    c) 3 middle school or higher, year-long courses in Science.

    d) 3 middle school or higher, year-long courses in Social Studies.

    e) 1 course in career and education planning (to be completed in New River Middle’s 8th grade Social Studies course).

    Middle School Exam Exemptions
    As per School Board Policy 6000.1, middle grades students who earn a grade of a “B” or better in a high school course may be exempt from the midterm and/or final exams in that course under the following criteria:
    (1) All students will be eligible to waive one-half of their total mid-terms or final exams.

    (2) AP/IB/AICE, mid-terms cannot be exempted (The student may exempt the final exam).  Teachers are encouraged to give an alternate assessment in lieu of a traditional final.

    (3) The statewide, standardized EOC assessments, required by statute, are not eligible for exemption.

    (4) BVS/FLVS courses are not eligible for exemption.

    (5) All exam exemptions require parent permission.

    School Board Policy 6000.1

    Middle School Exemption Tool Kit