Retention & Promotion

  • State legislature has mandated that students who started 6th grade in the 2006-07 school year and thereafter, are required to complete and pass 3 years of math, social studies, science, and LA in order to be promoted to 9th grade, and they also must have the career planning course. They must essentially have these 12.5 credits to be promoted to high school.

    For promotion to High School SBBC policy 6000.1 states:
    For students entering 6th grade in 2006-07, promotion to 9th grade will
    require passing (F.S. 1003.4156(1)(a) 1-5)):

    • 3 middle school or higher, year-long courses in English,
    • 3 middle school or higher, year-long courses in Mathematics,
    • 3 middle school or higher, year-long courses in Science,
    • 3 middle school or higher, year-long courses in Social Studies, and
    • 1 course in career and education planning to be completed in

    7th or 8th grade, which can be a stand-alone course or
    instruction integrated into an existing course or courses.

    For middle school promotion to the next grade level SBBC policy 6000.1 states:

    To be promoted, students in grades six, seven and eight must meet
    FCAT Promotion Criteria and pass a minimum of four subjects.
    Starting with the 2007-08 school year, a passing grade for a full year
    will be computed based on grades received for the year and not points.
    In addition to the specific promotion criteria for reading and
    mathematics, promotion decisions must take into account student’s
    proficiency in writing and science. The evaluation of each student’s
    progress must be based upon classroom work, observations, tests,
    district and state assessments and other relevant information.

    Starting with the 2007-08 school year, two of the four subjects required
    to meet this criteria must be English, Mathematics, Science, or Social
    Studies. Students who are failing and/or fail up to two of the 4 core
    courses (i.e., English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) will be
    given the opportunity to meet the requirements of the course(s)
    through school day or extended learning opportunities.