• Retention & Promotion

    The grading scale for middle school is:

    Grade A B+ B C+ C D+ D F
    Range 90-100 87-89 80-86 77-79 70-76 67-69 60-66 0-59

    In order for a student to be promoted to the next grade level in middle school, they must earn four points by the end of the year in their academic classes. Points are earned based on the grade earned each quarter. Points have the following value:

    A = 4 points B = 3 points C = 2 points D = 1 point F = 0 point

    Any middle student that fails more than two academic courses will be retained. If a student fails one or two academic classes, he/she must “recover” any failed core academic subject before they can be promoted to high school. For clarification of the promotion policy or to learn about your child's academic standing, contact his/her grade level guidance counselor or the Broward County School Board policy policy 6000.1, regarding student and promotion.


    Ms. Natasha Forbes
    Guidance Director

    6th Grade Counselor

    Mr. Patrick Auger
    Guidance Counselor

    7th Grade Counselor

    Ms. Brandon
    Guidance Counselor

    8th Grade Counselor