Absence Reporting / Policy

  • Absences:
    Call 754-322-2152 to report your child's all-day absence. You will need your child's school ID number and the reason for the absence(s). Parents may report an absence 24/7, including weekends. Student on dual enrollment (vocational or college) must report absences to both schools.  Absence must be reported within two school days after your child was absent. After 48 hours, absences WILL NOT BE EXCUSED. All absences, which have not been specifically identified as excused, are unexcused. A grade of "0" is given for any test missed because of an unexcused absence. A good habit is for students to check Pinnacle Viewer.  A link to the full School Board Attendance Policy is listed below.  If you have any problems, and you wish to speak to the attendance secretary, please call the school directly.

    Excused Absences:
    * Illness. Students who expect to miss at least 15 consecutive school days due to illness, a medical condition, or for social/emotional reasons, or who would miss excessive days intermittently throughout the school year for the same reasons, and could benefit from instruction, should obtain a copy of the Hospital/ Homebound referral packet from the Hospital/ Homebound contact person at their school.

    * Illness of an immediate family member.

    * Death in the family.

    * Religious holiday of the student’s specific faith.

    * Required court appearance or subpoena by a law enforcement agency.

    * Special event. Examples of special events include important public functions, conferences, state/ national competitions, as well as exceptional cases of family need. Students must get permission from the principal/ designee at least five days in advance.

    * Scheduled doctor or dentist appointments.

    Students having or suspected of having a communicable disease or infestation that can be transmitted are to be excluded from school and are not allowed to return to school until they no longer present a heath hazard (Florida Statute 1003.22). Examples or communicable diseases and infestations include, but are not limited to, fleas, head lice, ringworm, impetigo, and scabies. Students are allowed a maximum of five days excused absence for each infestation of head lice.

    Sign In / Sign Out Procedure:
    Sign-ins and sign-outs are excused and permitted when a parent /guardian accompanies their child to school or an appropriate phone call is made stating the reason for the tardy. Sign-outs will only be excused if a parent comes in to the school office, or faxes or emails the school office at sdhsignout@browardschools.com with a copy of their drivers license with a written explanation of the reason for the sign out. A phone call is NOT enough as this is a safety and security issue. Please keep in mind any time missed due to sign-ins or sign-outs will be counted towards the cumulative total of the 30 hours per quarter allowance, per county policy. Once the 30 hours is reached a pattern of non-attendance can be established and further restrictions may take place. Student Services Fax: 754-322-2199

    Tardy Policy: A one hour after school detention will be issued for any tardy to class. In the unlikely event that your student misses his / her detention, it will lead to a Saturday School detention for three hours per the School Boards' Discipline Matrix.


    Attendance Policy (pdf)
    Política de la atención en español (pdf)
    Comparecimento política Portugues (pdf)
    Politique de assistance dans le Kréyol (pdf)