• Tardy: Are you late to school?
    Students arriving after 7:40 am will be considered TARDY. If students arrive after 8:00 am, the student will need to obtain a pass from the front office to be admitted to class.

    One half-hour after school detention will be issued for any tardy to class. In the unlikely event that your student misses his / her detention, we will follow the School Boards' Discipline Matrix.

    Sign-ins and sign-outs are excused and permitted when a parent / guardian accompanies their child to school or an appropriate phone call is made stating the reason for the tardy. Sign-outs will only be excused if a parent comes in to the school office or faxes over a copy of their drivers license with a written explanation of the reason for the sign out. A phone call is NOT enough as this is a safety and security issue. Please keep in mind any time missed due to sign-ins or sign-outs will be counted towards the cumulative total of the 30 hours per quarter allowance, per county policy. Once the 30 hours is reached a pattern of non-attendance can be established and further restrictions may take place. Student Services Fax: 754-322-2199