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    State universities Admission into Florida’s public universities is competitive.  Acceptance is determined by enrollment limitations and the qualifications of the freshmen applicant pool.  Are you state university eligible?  Check out the State University Admissions Matrix  to view all 11 State University System institutions, their deadlines, requirements and more!

    Students should complete a rigorous curriculum at Hollywood Hills High and apply to more than one university to increase their chance for acceptance.

    To qualify to enter one of Florida’s public universities, a first-time-in-college Hollywood Hills High School graduate must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • High school graduation with a standard diploma
    • Admission test scores
    • 16 credits of college preparatory academic courses – see Bright Futures requirements (FAS and FMS)
    • 2 approved electives

    Florida State universities calculate the high school GPA using a 4.0 scale from grades earned at Hollywood Hills High academic core courses (additional weights may be assigned for grades in AP, dual enrollment, honors, and other advanced courses).

    Although the potential for academic success is primary, many other factors may be considered in reviewing a student’s application for admission.  These may include, but are not limited to, a combination of test scores and GPA that indicates potential for success, improvement in high school record, family educational background, socioeconomic status, graduation from a low-performing high school, graduation from an IB program, geographic location, military service, special talents or abilities, or other special circumstances.


    Florida universities also have minimum test scores and GPA requirements.  Want to know where you fit in? Check out the State University Admissions Matrix to view all 11 State University System institutions, their deadlines, requirements and more!  To view information regarding financial aid, housing, student orientation, websites of interest, and much more at each of Florida's state universities, click Here or click on the links below.

    Remember, there are 11 State Universities! They all offer wonderful opportunities, and should all be considered.

    State University System Matrix

    • Admission averages at Florida Public Universities

    State University System Matrix

    • Long version - admisison data at Florida Public Universities

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