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    The Hollywood Hills High School Guidance Department provides information to students and parents through frequent presentations, student conferences, evening programs, and numerous publications. We also provide assistance in the planning of a student's education with parents, an essential component in their student's educational progress.  

    Scheduling Registration

    After registering with my Hollywood Hills High School counselor, I think I want to change my classes for next year. How and when can I do this?

    • Students may always see their school counselor after receiving their class schedules in August.

    I'm new to the school.  How do I know what Math class is right for me at Hollywood Hills?

    • Your school counselor will look at your current Math placement and grades to determine the best class for you. If there are any questions as to the correct placement, you may take a Math placement test.

    Honors AP Classes

    How can I get into Honors classes?

    • Different Honors and AP classes have different requirements.  Since we look to your current classes for the following year's placement, it is important that you know these requirements ahead of time.  Then, you can work to achieve the grades and scores which are required.  If you are unsure if you qualify for a specific class, you may check with your school counselor.

    If I don't take Honors classes now, can I take Honors and AP classes later?

    • Yes. Each year, every student has the same chance to get into the advanced courses offered for their grade level.  If you don't get into a class one year, don't give up!

    Can I get into college without Honors or AP classes?

    • You sure can. There is a college route for everyone!  Acceptance to many schools can be very competitive, making advanced classes important for getting into some schools.  In addition, colleges want to see that a student is willing to work hard and take an academic challenge. However, you can get to college without advanced classes.  If you think you will perform better in a college prep class, don't feel pressured to take the Honors/AP class.  When considering which is best for you, talk with your teachers (who know your work best) and your school counselor.

     College Graduation Requirements

    Are colleges looking at the freshman year?

    • Yes.  Universities DO look at what classes you took.  Doing your best work all 4 years of high school is best practice.

    Which colleges need letters of recommendation?

    • Most private colleges and many out of state colleges require letters of recommendation. It is important to check with each individual school for their application requirements.
    • If you do need letters of recommendation make sure you give the recommender at LEAST four weeks from the earliest application deadline date so the LOR can be completed and submitted on time.  If the school requires a counselor recommendation, please complete the letter of recommendation obtained from your BRACE advisor. 

    How many hours of community service do I need to graduate?

    • Students need 40 hours of community service to graduate. Visit the guidance office for questions regarding community service.

    I hear that Honors and AP classes boost your GPA. How does this work?

    • All of the AP classes receive a 1. 0 boost to your grade. That means if you earn an 'A' in your AP class, you would get 5 points for that grade (an 'A' is normally worth 4). Those points are what we use when we calculate your GPA. A few of the UPPER-LEVEL Honors classes receive a . 5 boost (your 'A' would be 4. 5 points). Refer to the course catalog.

    How many Honors and/or AP classes should I take?

    • That depends on your ability, your other time commitments/activities, your interests, and your goals. Take the classes in which you excel and have an interest. Balancing your life so you can enjoy high school is important!

    If I sign up for an Honors/AP class, can I drop it if it is too difficult?

    • No. Administrators create classes and sections according to initial enrollment. If you are having difficulty in a class, seek assistance from your teacher immediately. Be sure to let your parents know as well. There are many ways to get extra help, but the best practice is to choose your classes wisely right from the start.

    What is the difference between College Prep, Honors, and AP classes?

    • The responsibilities, work load, time commitment, and pace get increasingly more difficult. Talk with the teachers of each class/level to find the specific expectations for the class you are considering. 

    For more information on Graduation requirements, click HERE


    Is it better to take the SAT over the ACT?

    • The decision of which one to take may be determined by the admission criteria from the colleges to which you are applying. However, if the school doesn't specify which test they want, you can choose based on your preference. Although there is no hard science that proves that the ACT or the SAT is easier, you probably want to determine which test format is better suited to your strengths. Each test has different emphasis and familiarity with their individual structures may help you sort out which is better suited to you. Your school counselor can help you understand the format and emphasis of each test. The vast majority of students perform comparably on both tests.

    Do I have to take the FSA EVERY year?

    • In Florida, you must take the grade 9th and 10th FSA ELA/Reading and attain a level 3 or higher in the 10th grade to satisfy graduation requirements. 

    Where can I find out more information about the SAT and ACT?

    • Collegeboard.org is your best resource for information regarding the PSAT, SAT, and AP exams. For information regarding the ACT, check out actstudent. org.  Your school counselor and BRACE advisor are also great resources.

     Other Programs Outside Courses (College Classes, etc)

    Can I take a college class while I'm in high school? How do I do this?

    • Yes, see the counseling secretary for the appropriate approval form. Then, meet with your school counselor for guidance and their required approval.


    What is on my high school transcript?

    • All the courses, grades, and credits you have earned in high school. It also shows your total GPA, and a high school graduation requirements chart. For assistance in understanding your transcript, see your school counselor.

    What is an "official" transcript?

    • An official transcript is signed and stamped with the official Holywood Hills High School stamp, then sealed in an envelope. Official transcripts are used for college applications, college acceptance, scholarship opportunities, and the NCAA.

    How can I get a copy of my transcript?

    • For an unofficial transcript, see the counseling secretary or your school counselor.
    • For official transcripts, go to the Registrar's Office. 

    Why do my 8th grade foreign language and math classes show up on my high school transcript?

    • Colleges and universities want to see high school level courses listed on your transcript even if you took them in middle school. Middle school grades may be used in calculating your high school GPA.  Consult with your school counselor. 

    If you have any questions about the Hollywood Hills Guidance Department that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please email Guidance Director, Rosemary Miranda, at rosemary.miranda@browardschools.com.