• FAQs

    We will update our "Frequently Asked Questions" section as we get new queries and feedback from our new-look Website.  Our team will carefully review searches queried on our website search engine and post best responses.  Visitors are always welcome to e-mail their questions to us at any time, and we will do our best to give a timely response using e-mail as the medium.

    Who do I call...

    How do I call in my child's absence?

    You would call your child's grade level office.

    • 9th Grade 754-323-1122
    • 10th Grade 754-323-1078
    • 11th Grade 754-323-1078
    • 12th Grade 754-323-1078
    • Entrepreneurship and Leadership Academy 754-1122

    Who do I call about my child's transportation?

    You would call your child's grade level office. 

    • 9th Grade 754-323-1122
    • 10th Grade 754-323-1078
    • 11th Grade 754-323-1078
    • 12th Grade 754-323-1078
    • Entrepreneurship and Leadership Academy 754-1122

    What is...

    What is Virtual Counselor?

    Virtual Counselor (VC) provides parents, students, and District personnel access to absences, grades, test scores, and other pertinent information needed to help students achieve.

    What is Pinnacle?

    Pinnacle is the online Grade Book that all teachers in Broward County use to update information about specific assignments in class. You can view it by clicking on the PINNACLE button under the Student and Parents tab, to keep track of your child's progress daily.

    When is...

    When are the Early Release Days, Spring Break, Winter Break, etc?

    The district calendar is available.  Please click HERE.

    Where can I find information about...

    Where can I get basic information about parent involvement?

    Click PARENTS under the Student & Parents Tab to access the Parent Involvement Web page. 

    How can I get information about my child's grades and attendance in real time?

    You can check through Pinnacle.

    How can I get information about my child's free or reduced lunch, menus. etc?

    The Food and Nutrition Services website has been designed to help assist you.  Click HERE.

    How can I make an appointment to meet with my child's teachers?

    You would contact their individual guidance counselor either by phone or email. The names of each guidance counselor by grade level are under the Contact tab.

    I'm not getting the automated calls from Hollywood Hills High--why not?

    The most likely answer is that the number we have on file from you is different than the phone number you currently use.  Call your child's grade level administrator or the school's main office at 754-323-1050.

    What can I do to volunteer at Hollywood Hills High School, go on a field trip, etc.?

    School volunteers are extra-special people.  As a volunteer you will work at the school of your choice doing activities that match your skills, or even learn new skills while helping students. Any contribution will make a difference. 

    How do I...

    How do I purchase a yearbook?

    The yearbook will soon be on sale.  Please purchase your yearbook before the January deadline.  For more information, visit Ms. Ramos, or click HERE to access the Hollywood Hills High School Online Store.

    PE Athletics

    How do I participate in sports?

    To participate in any sport at Hollywood Hills High School, you must have (and maintain) at least a 2. 0 GPA. You may contact the Athletic Department to find out about try-outs, mandatory informational meetings, mandatory physicals, practices, and athletic schedules. Coaches are also a great source for athletic information.  Visit our athletics page to learn more about our coaches and sports programs.

    Which sports are tryout sports, and how do I find out about tryouts?

    The athletic office can assist you best when considering trying out for sports.

    Does my sport count as PE credit?


    I need my easiest class to be 7th period, because I play sports and regularly miss that class. Can you give me my easiest class during that period?

    We would love to honor all student requests, but due to the large number of Hollywood Hills High School students participating in sports, we cannot honor this request.

    Do PE and sports get calculated in my GPA?

    For all high school/college purposes, PE is calculated into your GPA.