Digital Registration

  • Digital Registrations

    Because of restrictions due to CoVID19, we are accepting digital pre-registrations for the coming school year (2020-2021). Follow the three steps below to start registration. You will be contacted afterward to complete registration and discuss classes. If you have questions about the process at any time, please email Be sure to include your phone number and times you can be contacted if you would like to speak with us on the phone.

    Step 1: Are you eligible to register?

    In Broward Schools, a student may be registered (or pre-registered for the next school year) at their “home school”. This school depends on the student’s address. Please check on the district’s school locator to find your school:

    If McArthur High School is not your home school, you may still register with us if you have a reassignment approval letter from the district’s School Choice office. Parents may apply for reassignment to schools where space exists during specified School Choice application windows. For additional information please go to

    Step 2: Download and complete the forms.

    The following are basic digital registration forms that all families must complete. Additional forms and documents may be needed to complete registration, depending on your individual situation.


     FYI: Your photo ID will be used to authenticate your "digital signature" on the forms. You will NOT need to print the forms, just type your name in the signature boxes.

    • First download the forms on your computer or device.
    • Then open and type in each form to complete it.
    • Save the completed forms.

    Basic Registration Forms

    • Registration Checklist - This form is here for your reference, but most of it will be filled out by the registrar. You only need to complete the areas in blue at the top, then read the second page to see which forms of proof of address you need to provide.
    • Registration Form - To be completed and digitally signed by the parent that will be providing the proof of address. Fill completely.
    • After Registration, Parents/Guardians can now fill out your child's back-to-school forms, online. The forms are easy to complete and all data is protected and secure. For families with multiple children attending Broward County Public Schools, some information will only need to be entered once.

      Use the Back to School Wizard below to quickly step through the process. You will need your student's identification number. Forms can be filled out in English, Spanish, Haitian-Creole and Portuguese.

      You must complete these forms at the start of each school year for each student enrolled in the District. If you are not able to complete the online forms in one session, you can resume where you left off at another time. It is recommended that you set aside approximately 20 minutes for this process.  Once you complete and submit the forms, you will receive an email confirmation. Print and save for your records.

      Please click the following URL:

    Step 3: Email documents as attachments

    Send an email to:

    In the subject, type the student’s name and the word, “Registration”. (example: “Doe, John – Registration”)

    In the body of the email please tell us the best phone number and times for reaching you. Make sure to let us know if you are registering for this year or pre-registering for the coming year. Then, attach the following:


    • All the completed registration documents from above.
    • Photo ID of the registering parent who will be providing proof of address and who has signed all the forms.
    • Primary proof of address as defined by Broward County Public Schools, in the registering parent’s name. Usually this means:
      1. Property tax bill
      2. Homestead exemption
      3. Deed
      4. Recent mortgage statement
      5. Home purchase contract
      6. Or Current notarized lease agreement.
    • One of the other proofs of address accepted by Broward Schools (see page 2 of the Registration Checklist for full list).


    Details on how to provide proof of address and other alternatives can be found at:




    Current seniors may request transcripts from Naviance.


    For all other record requests, contact the district records department through their online portal for more information: