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    Our School Dress Code

    The dress code for Broward County students is clearly defined in the Code of Student Conduct  Students and parents should read and follow the policy--it is strictly enforced at Hollywood Hills High.

    Students have a right to wear stylish clothes of their choice as long as those clothes are appropriate for school and not dangerous to health and safety.  All students are expected to honor their responsibilities and behave in a way which respects the rights of all under the following rules: 

    1. Shoes must be worn at all times.
    2. Clothing that exposes the torso or upper thighs is not allowed (see-throughs, minis, halters, backless items, tubes, tanks, or clothes with tears).  Over-sized or low-hanging trousers must be secured and worn at waist level.
    3. Students may wear HEMMED shorts that are not shorter than mid-thigh.  No cut-offs are allowed.
    4. Students are not allowed to wear clothing, accessories, hairstyles, that are suggestive; indecent; associated with gangs; encourage use of drugs, alcohol or violence; or support discrimination.
    5. Garments, which are traditionally designed as undergarments, may not be worn as outer garments.  Tights or hosiery, including those with lace trim, and bicycle racing attire must be worn with proper length over blouses, dresses skirts or shorts.
    6. Caps, hats, and bandanas ae not allowed unless required for safety, religious or medical reasons.
    7. Sunglasses may not be worn indoors unless a doctor's note is on file.
    8. Curlers and other hair-grooming aids are not allowed.
    9. Clothing and jewelry that may cause injury as not allowed.
    10. Special clothing may be required for health and safety reasons in certain programs such as physical education, home economics, technology education, science, and vocational education.
    11. No tops or dreses with spaghetti straps.