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    Coming to Visit?

    Hollywood Hills High School encourages parents and other citizens to visit our school and believes that there are many potential benefits which can result from increased interaction with the public.  At the same time, the school has a legitimate interest in avoiding disruption to the educational process, protecting the safety and welfare of the students and staff, and to protect the district's facilities and equipment from misuse or vandalism. 

    A balance must be achieved between the potential benefits and risks associated with the presence of visitors in our school buildings. Achieving the desired balance will lead to increased parent involvement, a better understanding of how our school operates and the challenges facing the school district, and an increased sense of collaboration and cooperation between our community and school. 

    Limitations may be placed on visitors to avoid disruption to school operations and to prevent visitors from receiving a distorted view of those operations.  Our principal has the authority to determine which visits are to be permitted as well as the discretion to set any appropriate conditions on the nature and extent of such visits.  In exercising her discretion, the principal shall consider the purpose of the visit, the impact of the visitors presence and the relationship of any visitor to the students.  Appropriate administrative rules shall be developed to provide guidance for school personnel so that worthwhile experiences may be provided for those persons who enter onto school premises as visitors.

    School personnel will seek to assure that parents and other visitors are courteously received and that sincere efforts are made to provide them with information as may be needed to foster a cooperative relationship between home, school and community.

    Rules For Visitors To Hollywood Hills High School

    • General
      • All visitors shall report to the school office when arriving or leaving the school premises.  Notices have been posted in each building indicating that all visitors are required to register with the school office and obtain authorization from the building principal to remain on the school premises. All visitors shall be requested to wear an appropriate form of identification when on school premises.
      • All visitors including parents, must check into the front office prior to going to any classrooms or any area on campus.  You should bring an official photo ID with you, like your driver’s license, Florida’s official state identification card, or a passport.
      • Visits may be prohibited at certain times such as while standardized testing or other student assessments are being conducted.
      • All school visitors must comply at all times with Board of Education policies, administrative rules and school regulations.
    • Exceptions to Visitor Requirements
      • Parents or members of the community who have been invited to visit school as part of a scheduled open house, special event, scheduled performance by a class, team or group, or other adult participants in organized and school approved activities during off-school hours are exempt from requirements above
    • Visitors to Classrooms or Other Instructional Areas
      • Access to particular classrooms or other instructional areas of the school may be restricted upon the recommendation of the teacher in charge or as otherwise deemed necessary by our principal
      • Because classrooms and other instructional areas are the most vulnerable to disruption, specific conditions may be imposed upon visitors including, but not limited to, remaining in a designated place or seat
        • refraining from speaking to students while the class or activity is in session
        • refraining from entering or leaving the area while an activity is underway
        • requiring that the dress and grooming of the visitor be consistent with the dress code for the students and employees within the building.
        • requiring that the visitor be chaperoned
        • limiting the duration of the visit to particular times or length of time
        • limiting the activities of the visitor to a particular purpose(s)
        • designating particular routes of travel in the building or upon the school grounds
      • Visitors wishing to conference with teachers or administrators during the course of the school day are encouraged to make arrangements in advance
    • Student Visitors
      • All requirements for visitors apply to students with additional considerations to be applied at the discretion of our principal. Under most circumstances, student visitors are discouraged and, in any event, students must be age appropriate for the building they wish to visit
      • Student visitors from other school districts must have written permission of both their own parent or guardian and the parent or guardian of any Hollywood Hills High School student they wish to accompany into a school. Under no circumstances shall such student over the age of 18 be permitted to visit
      • No student who is under suspension, expulsion or other form of discipline from this or any other school district shall be permitted to visit Hollywood Hills High School. Such students must have obtained expressed prior approval of our school principal before entering and are restricted to the school office for the duration of their presence in the building
    • Special Situations
      • Our principal has the authority to exclude from the school premises any person who disrupts or who appears likely to become a disruption to the educational program.  Any such individual shall be directed to leave the school premises immediately and our School Resource Officer (SRO) or other law enforcement authority shall be called if necessary