Mission & Vision

  • Sun Eagle

    Belief Statement

    We believe that through our efforts as a highly qualified and dedicated staff, all children:

    Have an ability and potential to succeed,

    are motivated by an engaging learning environment,

    need and benefit from support and involvement of the whole school community,

    and are unique, special and have individual strengths.

    Mission Statement

    Our Sunshine Family will provide meaningful learning communities, staff development,

    and parent trainings to increase authentic engagement and student achievement.

    Together we learn. Together we thrive.

    Student Pledge

    I commit myself to learning.

    I will learn everything I can.

    I will listen, ask questions and share what I know with others.

    I am special and I have many talents.

    I have pride in myself and respect for others.

    I can become anything I wish to become with hard work and dedication.

    I take delight in education and I WILL SUCCEED this day!