• The Drama program at Tequesta Trace is very active and offers students the opportunity to experience theater at different levels. In Drama l, students are introduced to the basics, including Pantomime, Improvisation, and Characterization. In Drama ll, students take their studies to the next level, concentrating on more in-depth scene work and strengthening their creative Dramatic skills. Drama ll students also have the opportunity to become involved in our Jr. Thespian Troupe, participating in both a District and State Festival each year. Our end of the year production enables students to work together towards an end result that they can all be proud of. Whether onstage or behind the scenes, all Drama students "act well their part..." for they know that... "there all honor lies."

    If you are considering a career onstage or just want to improve your speaking skills, Drama/Jr. Thespian Club may be right for you. Join Ms. Euler for the most exciting and creative class you will ever be a part of!