Promise Program

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    Promise Program Victims Services

    The PROMISE (Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support & Education) program is an initiative designed to address the unique needs of students who have committed a behavioral infraction that would normally lead to a juvenile delinquency arrest and, therefore, entry into the juvenile justice system.  In addition, it serves students who have committed infractions related to bullying and harassment.

    The PROMISE program represents the most comprehensive thinking available in regard to addressing socially unacceptable or illegal behavior, targeting both short and long term academic success, aligning best practice models and Restorative Justice principles, and developing pro-social and resiliency skills. PROMISE, while addressing the behavior specific to the youth, is committed to addressing family and community circumstances that serve as both strengths and challenges for the youth’s resiliency.


    PROMISE is designed to enhance pro-social skills by both a short-term on-site intervention portion and a long-term regular school program progress monitoring component. The foundation of the PROMISE program is both respect for community safety and a systemic understanding that [1] builds on the strengths of the participant[s], [2] employs a System-of-Care team approach, [3] embeds Response to Intervention [RTI] practices and [4] identifies clear and specific expectations and outcome measures, in order to help the youth develop more effective coping skills and pro-social behaviors. This approach focuses on the situation as being the problem rather than the individual being the problem.


    • Safe, secure and supportive environments for all students

    • Increased seat time in class for students

    • Reductions in external suspensions, expulsions and arrests

    • Improved student achievement, graduation and dropout rates


    Students will:

    • Have potential entry into the delinquency system mitigated

    • Receive the necessary supports to improve behaviors

    • Develop pro-social and resiliency skills


    PROMISE was designed as an enhancement to Broward County Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct, Policy 5006 (Suspension and Expulsion) and, consequently, it’s District Disciplinary Matrix. A specific set of code of conduct violations has been identified by a cross-community collaborative workgroup, as being appropriate infractions for which participation in PROMISE [misdemeanors that do not raise to the level of serious challenges to public safety, bullying and harassment] would be an appropriate intervention.

    Application Forms:
    Listed below are the application forms for the Promise Program. Please download and complete all forms and email via CAB to the PRC Promise conference.