• For the local and national scholarship listings please login to Family Connection here:

    Follow these directions: 

    Go to College tab and scroll down

    For local scholarships click on Scholarship List – These are all scholarships that come our way by email and mail.

    For national scholarships click on National Scholarship Search – You need to create a profile and scholarships will be matched just for you based on race, income, disability, religion and any information that pertains to you.

    In scholarship match you will find scholarships with requirements that may be a suitable match for you according to the information that Broward county has entered about each scholarship. If a scholarship is listed as "no restrictions found", this means that Broward did not enter any qualifications for the scholarship that would indicate you are ineligible such as gender, ethnicity, minimum gpa, etc. Some scholarships on this list may still have special requirements that are not listed on this site and you should verify your eligibility with the scholarship organization.

    Transcripts for scholarships: you can order transcripts for scholarships through Family Connection too. Please check Resources on the left side of the College Tab. It will cost $2 ( cash) when you come to pick it up at the office from Mr. Obas registrar.

    North Campus students can pay online or pay Ms. Davis and pick up transcripts from Ms. Davis within 5 business days.

    There are many scholarship sites you can also create a profile and get scholarships:

    Don't forget to read the BRACE newsletter for reminders on deadlines and other info.

    Good Luck!