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    Why is it important.....

    Some students and parents want to know why it's important to take both the SAT and ACT. There are several reasons:

    • Colleges accept both tests equally - the don't prefer one over the other
    • Some people like Coke, others prefer Pepsi. You won't know which test is best for you unless you take them both.
    • Take the opportunity to show yourself at your best - sometimes you're simply stronger on one test than the other.
    • You'll have your PSAT results back in December.
    • Testing in the winter gives you time to receive your scores, decide which test is best for you - prepare for it - and take that one test again (in March, April, May or June).

    Register online by the regular price deadline (to save money)

    SAT Dates & Time click here.

    ACT Dates & Time click here.

    • You must upload a photo.
    • You will register for the SAT Reasoning Test (not Subject Tests).
    • Free SAT & ACT prep booklets are in the lobby of Building 2.
    • You must register to take the ACT with writing.
    • Need to take the SAT on Sunday? See Mrs. Engestrom for instructions and the paper registration form.
    • Eligible for free/reduced lunch? See Mrs. Engestrom for a fee waiver to register for free.


    It's recommended that Juniors begin to take the ACT and/or SAT exam. There after students can retake these exams as many times as they wish until they are satisfied with their score. Registration is offered online. Paper registration forms are available in the BRACE office. Fee waivers are available for those who qualify.

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