• What Is The College Academy?

    The College Academy is a full-time dual enrollment public high school located on the beautiful at Broward College. Students attend during their junior and senior year of high school and may elect to attend either the North or Central campus; however, students living south of Sunrise Boulevard will not be provided SBBC transportation to North campus. The program is designed for academically talented or gifted high school students who wish to participate in an accelerated high school experience. Each student receives an individualized two-year educational plan that incorporates rigorous core curriculum and courses in a student’s major area of career/academic interest. The College Academy (CA) prepares students for upper division admission and studies. CA’s composite SAT and ACT scores are the highest in the county and ranks among the top schools in the state. 100% of CA students are admitted to colleges and universities throughout the nation.

    What Does The College Academy Program Offer?

    CA offers qualified students the opportunity to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from Broward College. It also provides an opportunity for students to meet Florida Bright Future Scholarship requirements.

    How Much Does It Cost To Attend The College Academy?

    As a CA student, all tuition, books and fees are provided at no cost to the participants.

    Do Students Follow the Calendar For Broward Schools or Broward College?

    CA students follow the Broward College calendar.

    Are Students Still Eligible To Qualify for Free and Reduced Meals?

    Yes, Broward County Public Schools offer CA students that qualify free and reduced meals. Breakfast and lunch are available to qualified students.

    Is Transportation Available To The College Academy?

    Broward County Public Schools provides transportation to eligible students (those that reside more than 2 miles from campus). With parent permission and after acquiring a BC Parking Decal, students may provide their own transportation. Many students also utilize the Broward County Transit Authority to and from school.

    Will Students Be Able To Transfer To A University?

    Yes, Florida Statute 1007.23 and State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.024 assure certain rights to Associate in Arts graduates who wish to continue on to a baccalaureate degree. An AA. degree from a public Florida Community College guarantees admission to an upper division institution in the State University System.

    What Is The Admissions Process?

    Students submit an application online by the deadline. Incomplete and/or applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Applications are screened for initial eligibility requirements. Applicants who pass the initial screening criteria will be approved to take the PERT. Applicants must check status of application to ensure compliance with procedures and deadlines. If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available seats a computerized random selection process will be utilized. A qualified applicant is one that has met all criteria and deadlines and testing requirements.

    Who May Apply?

    The College Academy is designed for students who have the maturity required for college campus life, the discipline to use their time wisely, and the academic ability to handle the rigor of college work. CA students come from public, private, and home school environments. Students must be Broward County residents and meet all the eligibility criteria at the time of application. Please see our website for eligibility criteria & testing requirements.

    How Do I Submit PERT Scores?

    If you test at a BC campus, BC will communicate your scores to CA. If you have ACT or SAT scores that you would like to use you must provide a copy of your score report.

    Where Can I Find Additional Information About The College Academy?

    Attend our informational open houses for interested students or visit our website.

    What Does A Student’s Day Look Like?

    The CA school day is from 9:30 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. Students take classes with Broward College professors in the morning and with CA instructors in the afternoon. First year students attend Term 1, Term 2, and Term 3A. Each student’s schedule is individualized based on program requirements, student placement, and interest. Examples of student schedules based on their major area of interest/career goals may be found on the CA website under Curriculum.

    Can I attend any Broward College Campus?

    Currently, students may take classes at BC North and Central campus. Due to enrollment and staffing requirements, students select the campus during the admissions application process. All students are eligible to attend the Central campus. Students who provide their own transportation may choose either campus. Students residing south of Sunrise Boulevard will not be eligible for SBBC transportation to North campus.

    Must College Academy Students Stay On Campus Between 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.?

    Students are expected to remain on campus once they arrive for their first class through their last CA class. Students are expected to remain on campus for lunch. Broward College provides many venues for meals and independent study space. Because student schedules are individualized, some students may arrive later or leave earlier than the school day. Students may also take courses (with permission) outside of the school day.

    What Courses Will Be Offered?

    CA students may take courses from a wide range of elective and general education courses approved for dual enrollment and offered by Broward College. A two-year plan is developed for each student and is individualized to incorporate program requirements, student interest, career/academic goals and ensure a high level of rigor to prepare students for upper division university admission and studies.

    How Do Students Know What Courses To Take?

    The College Academy employs a full-time guidance staff to provide academic, personal, social, and career advisement. Our staff works closely with the Broward College advisors to ensure that students have an opportunity to simultaneously meet the requirements for a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts Degree.

    Is Tutoring or Assistance Available?

    CA faculty serve as tutors and mentors. Students are also encouraged to form study groups with their peers and to utilize the Broward College Learning Resource Center for tutoring.

    Where Do College Academy Students Continue Their Education To Earn Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates?

    CA graduates have attended many distinguished universities throughout the nation and premier universities in Florida including: The Citadel, Georgetown, John Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, The United States Naval Academy, University of Florida, Yale and many more.

    Are Students Able to Participate In Traditional High School Activities Such As Band, Drama, and Prom?

    CA students participate in many traditional high school activities including National Honor Society, Grad Nite, Prom, Senior Brunch and College Tours. CA students may also participate in Broward College’s extensive extracurricular activities.

    Are Students Able to Participate in Athletics?

    Yes, Students may participate in athletics with their home high school. Permission must be granted by the school principal and the FHSAA. However, the rigorous nature of the CA program and the CA & BC class times may make it very difficult for students to participate with their home high school. CA does not alter student schedules for work or afterschool activities. Students are not eligible to compete in BC athletic programs.

    Do Students Have To Maintain A Specific Grade Point Average to Remain At the College Academy?

    Yes, a student must maintain a 2.5 College GPA to remain in the program.

    Will Students Be Able To Transfer Back To Their Home High Schools?

    Yes, Students are entitled to transfer to their home (boundaried) high school.

    Do Students Follow The School Board Code of Conduct or The Broward College Rules and Regulations?

    Students enrolled at the College Academy must adhere to rules and regulations from both institutions.