Absence Reporting/Policy & Make Up Work

  • Due to the rigorous nature of our school it is very important that students are in attendance in every class, regardless of the lack of attendance reporting by some professors.


    1. High School Attendance Record

    Parents of students attending College Academy must report student's absences to the school within 48 hours of the absence for the benefit of the high school attendance record.  Please use the attendance line at 754-321-6900 or send a written note to the campus office your student attends to report absences.  Please be sure to provide the reason for the absence.  The high school attendance record will be recorded based on the Attendance Policy 5.5 of the Broward County Public Schools.  The only absences listed as excused from school are for the eight following reasons:

    • Illness of student.
    • Illness of an immediate family member.
    • Death in the family.
    • Religious holidays of the student's own failth
    • Required court appearance of subpoena.
    • Special event.  Examples of special events include important public functions, educational enrichment activities, conferences, state/national competitions, college/university campus tour/visit as well as exceptional cases of family need.
    • Scheduled medical or dental appointment.
    • Student having, or suspected of having, a communicable disease or infestation which can be transmitted are to be excluded from school and are not allowed to return to school until they no longer present a health hazard (F.S.1003.22).  Examples of communicable diseases and infestations include, but are not limited to, fleas, head lice, ringworm, impetigo and scabies.  Students are allowed a maximum of five excuses days absence for each infestation of head lice.

    Students must follow the Broward College Procedure regarding reporting absences to professors and the availability of makeup work (see below).

    2. College Classes & Make Up Work

    • College Academy students attend college full time as Broward College Students.  All classes except study hall are Broward College classes.  Regardless of which professor (BC/CA) is teaching the class, make-up work is governed by college policy and is listed on the course syllabus.
    • If a student cannot be in class to take an exam, then the student will receive a zero for that grade.  There will be no make-up exams.  Exceptions may be for non-penalized absences (regligious holy day observances in his/her faith, the student's serious illness, death in the family, or attendance to a statutory governmental responsibilities).  Documentation for non-penalized absences shall be presented by the student should the faculty member request it.
    • In order for a make-up to be considered, the student must:
      • IMMEDIATELY contact the professor AS SOON AS you know you will miss the test.  This must be no later than the day of the test, and it should be before the test date in cases of jury duty, military service, or religious holiday observances.  If you do not contact the professor in a timely manner, the test will be scored as a zero.
      • Obtain written documentation (police report, doctor's note, hospital documents, etc.) that must be submitted to the professor no later than the beginning of the class meeting immediately following the test.
      • Follow up with the professor to confirm that the documentation has been verified.  Failure to follow these steps will result in a zero grade on the missed test.