• Broward College takes campus security seriously and has several security measures inplace. BC has instituted a college wide multi-layere dapproach to emergency communications called BC Alert. Alerts on a variety of emergency situations are disseminated through telephone calls, text messages, social media platforms and emails. The Alert system notifies students, faculty and parents in the event of an emergency.

    Located throughout campus are Blue Call Towers that have an emergency button. When activated, BC Security is immediately dispatched to that tower. Additionally the campus has been equipped with new security lights that illuminate all areas of the campus. The campus is monitored 24/7 bysecurity in golf carts and vehicles.

    The Central Campus Security Office is conveniently located in building 20. Their direct number is 954.201.4357.

    BC alerts are sent to the phone number students listed during registration. To update your number for alerts you must log into MyBC and update the info under personal information.

    In the event of a campus evacation parents will be notified.

    Department of Safety, Security, & Emergency Preparedness click here


    Silence Hurts (SBBC)

    This service is designed to help you anonymously and securely report anything that's scaring or endangering you, your friends or your family. You don't need to be afraid to contact us. You never have to give us your name if you don't want to. Click on the picture below to re-direct you to our anonymous tip page.


    Keep yourself and your friends safe with Broward College Guardian

    The Broward College Guardian mobile app enhances safety on campus through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friend, family, and campus safety