• Expectation

    Students will arrive to every class on time.


    All students arriving late to a College Academy class, must have their late arrival reported to be excused. With respect to the Broward College classes, students should refer to the Broward College professor's syllabus to determine their policy on tardies.

    Early Release Attendance Policy

    All students that are requiring Early Release impacting their College Academy classes must adhere to the following procedure:

    • Students that require early release from their College Academy classes must be called in by a parent before 12:00 noon on the day needing early release. All students leaving school prior to the conclusion of their scheduled classes need to sign out at building 2. Students that need to be dismissed in the middle of a class must pick up a pass from the front office. Students will present this pass to the teacher who will release the student at the designated time. The student must then return to Building 2 College Academy Front Office to sign out with the pass. The pass will be turned into the front office at that time