Eligibility Criteria

  • Application Criteria - Part I:  Initial Screening (must meet all criteria) 

    • Must be a Broward County Resident at time of application.
    • Must be registered as a 10th grader at time of application.
    • Have earned a minimum cumulative unweighted 3.25 GPA.
    • Record of excellent attendance and excellent citizenship. 

    Application Criteria: Part 2:  Testing Requirements

    Qualifying test scores on the three sections of the ACCUPLACER, PERT, SAT, or ACT.  Scores must be within two years.

    Applicants can only test two times within the application/testing window. 


    Reading Comprehension 245 - 300
    Writing 245 - 300
    Math 242 - 300


    Reading  106 - 150
    Writing 103 - 150
    Math 114 - 150


    ACT Math 19+
    ACT English 17+
    ACT Reading 19+


    SAT Math 24+
    SAT Reading 24+
    SAT Writing 25+

    Scores must be within 2 years.

    Final Eligibility Criteria: Part 3 - Continue to Meet Admissions Criteria

    The offer of admission is contingent upon students maintaining academic, attendance, and behavioral qualifications through the beginning of the Fall term in August. If changes occur to the information used to process an application (behavior/discipline, attendance, unweighted CUM GPA) between the time of application and the beginning of the Fall term, it is the student's responsibility to immediately notify College Academy in writing. Submit written notification to the CA Admissions Coordinator at lynde.voet@browardschools.com . Failure to immediately disclose this information may result in College Academy rescinding the offer of admission. 

    Final Transcripts must reflect Geometry and World History prior to fall admissions. Students must complete any missing required course work (such as FLVS/BVS) prior to fall admissions.