Why CA?

  • Jump Start on College:

    Students who complete the two-year College Academy @ Broward College (CA) program have the opportunity to simultaneously earn an Associates of Arts Degree (AA) and a high school diploma. During the last five years, 100% of our senior classes have graduated with an AA degree and high school diploma. Florida Statute 1007.23 and State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.024 assure certain rights to Associate in Arts graduates who wish to continue on to a baccalaureate degree. An AA degree from a public Florida State College guarantees admission to an upper division institution in the State University System.

    Academic Advantage:

    The rigorous accelerated two year dual enrollment program prepares students for upper division university admission and studies. One hundred percent (100%) of CA students graduate and continue their academic studies at colleges and universities in Florida and throughout the nation. CA alumni have attended many distinguished universities including but not limited to: MIT, Georgetown, Dartmouth, John Hopkins, Cornell, The Citadel, Princeton, United States Navel Academy, Duke, Ohio State, Emory, Hofstra, Rice, Purdue, and public universities in the State of Florida.

    Personal Attention:

    CA prides itself on its nurturing environment, small school setting, and its focus on an individualized rigorous and relevant education. The curriculum program is designed to engage and prepare each student for upper division university admissions and studies. A two-year education plan is developed for each student based on placement testing, interest and requirements. The small high school delivers individualized attention and assist students with transitioning from high school to college through a bridge of activities which include the opportunity for individual student tutoring, counseling, and mentoring by faculty and staff. Students and faculty are supported by parental involvement and an array of Broward College resources. The environment of a college campus provides a unique transition between secondary and post-secondary education.

    Financial Advantage:

    Students admitted to CA receive free tuition and fees, free textbooks and materials, and, if eligible, school bus transportation. Students that complete their AA Degree while attending CA may save up to two years of college cost.

    The College Academy Class of 2019 Profile

    • 100% earned their high school diploma
    • 100% earned their high school diploma with honors (high school GPA of 3.75 or above)
    • 100% earned an Associate of Arts Degree from Broward College
    • 90% earned an Associate of Arts Degree from Broward College with honors (college GPA of 3.49-4.0)
    • 98% qualified as Florida Bright Futures Scholars
    • Over $6,000,000 dollars in scholarships were accepted by the Class of 2019 comprised of 225 students.
    • 5 National Merit Finalists