About Pine Ridge Education Center

  • A student who is no longer successful in the home school environment has individual needs that require intensive and specific interventions. Traditional school programs and services cannot remedy the crisis impacting the child, his family, or school community. Crisis management and long-term success can be achieved through a concentrated multifaceted intervention program that focuses on the child first. Comprehensive program development, individualized for each child, includes academic, therapeutic, behavioral, social, and vocational components. Careful treatment plan development identifies the specific focus, structure, and sequence of interventions that a new student requires. Concerted and diligent implementation of the treatment plan by a carefully assembled team of professional educators and support staff extends a lifeline of support to the child and his family and home school community. Attention to the specific needs of a child at the point-of-need assures the personal growth necessary to become a successful student once again in the most appropriate and unrestricted environment possible


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