School Protocols

  • Attendance Procedures

    Parents are responsible for reporting their child's absence.

    To report an excused absence, you may choose one of the following options:
    Submit an Online Excused Absence Form from your child's school website under Contact: "Report an Absence"
    Call the school's attendance hotline 754-323-4102.
    Submit a note to the school's Front Office Staff

    Bicycle Regulations

    Bicycle helmets are required by law. For safety's sake, bicycles may not be ridden anywhere on the school campus. Students must park their bicycles inside the fenced areas. The north area is to be used for students living on the northeast side of 90th Avenue. All other students are to use the south bike area. It is the student's responsibility to secure the bicycle with a strong lock and chain. It is advisable to keep a full description of the bicycle, including the serial number, in a safe place at home. Bicycles should be registered with the Cooper City Police Department. Students are expected to observe safety rules while on campus and going to and from school. The Broward County School Board is not responsible for damage to, or theft of bicycles. Skateboards, motor bikes, and motorcycles are not permitted on school campus.

    Early Dismissal

    If you know in advance that you will be picking your child up early, please address a note to his/her teacher with the following information:
    1. The time you wish your child to be in the main office.
    2. A phone number where you can be reached during school hours.
    3. A parent/guardian signature.
    It is still necessary for the parent/guardian to come into the main office to sign out the student. Only those people listed on the child's information card are allowed to pick that child up. Excessive early dismissal could result in unexcused absences in the classes missed. Early dismissal is permitted up to thirty minutes prior to dismissal.

    Excused From Class

    Students are expected to remain in their designated areas at all times, unless excused by the teacher in charge. In that event, the teacher will issue a pass stating the student's destination and time of leaving.

    Field Trips

    Any student who has been externally suspended during the current school year, or who has been referred to the office three or more times for disciplinary reasons during the current year, will be excluded from grade level field trips. Bus referrals are included in this policy.

    Grading System

    The quarterly grading system used in the SIXTH, SEVENTH and EIGHTH grades and the interpretation of the letter grades, which represent the equivalent numerical grades, are as follows:


    Make-up Work for Absences

    Students who are absent may make up all the work missed. The student will have two work days for every day absent to make up this work. The teacher will assist the student, but it is the student's responsibility to request assignments. For planned absences, all work is due when the student returns.
    When there is extended illness, more than three school days, special arrangements may be made for securing home assignments. Call the Registrar at 323-4100 to request work for the number of days your child will be absent. Please allow the teachers 24 hours to have prepared work ready for pick-up at the main office.


    Students requiring medication during school hours must have a written consent form signed by a parent, and a completed treatment plan signed by the physician on file in the main office, before any medication can be administered. These forms can be obtained in the front office. Students are not allowed to have any medication on their person during school hours. We are not even allowed to give aspirin without a treatment plan from a physician.

    Student Pick up Information

    Parents/guardians are only allowed to pick-up and sign out their children if they are listed on the child's emergency card. Children cannot be released after 3:00 pm. Students are dismissed from school at 3:30 pm. Outside supervision of students continues for 30 minutes after dismissal and is in place for 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the school day.

    Transportation - Bus Rider Rules

    The following rules and regulations have been established to provide transportation for bus pupils in the safest manner:
    By reason of authority delegated to him/her by the school principal, the bus driver has absolute authority over the students while they are riding the bus.
    Students who ride the bus are expected to behave in a quiet, orderly manner while riding to and from school.
    Students are expected to ride the same bus.
    Students who misbehave on the bus must be reported to the principal by the bus driver. Continued misbehavior on the bus will result in a student being suspended from riding that bus. Misbehavior, when it may endanger the safety and lives of other pupils, cannot be tolerated.
    A pupil will not be put off the bus at any stop other than his/her regular one.
    Non-transported students will not be given permission to ride home with a friend on a bus.

    Use of the School Clinic

    Students who have minor illness should request a pass to the clinic.
    Students who require more than a brief period in the clinic are allowed to contact a parent to arrange for pick up. Students are not permitted to stay in the clinic for extended periods of time or for serious illnesses.
    If for any reason the student has to walk or ride a bike home, the parent, after notified by the students, must speak with a school staff member to confirm the arrangement.