Principal's Message

  • Happy New Year, and welcome to 2020!

    As the Spring semester begins, all of our students will start with a new set of academic courses, having successfully completed their first semester academics just before the Winter Break. I hope students will find these new classes to be challenging, engaging, and productive for them.

    Of course, it’s also that time when our Seniors grow increasingly excited about the conclusion of their high school years. Academically, they’re wrapping up their college and career preparatory coursework; they’re studying for AP and/or industry certification exams; and they’re preparing for the always-impressive Senior Exhibitions. Outside of coursework, they’re getting ready for Grad Bash, Prom, their final Yearbook, and of course, Graduation. We’re so very proud of all that they have accomplished here at McFatter, and can’t wait to find out where life takes them next.

    For our underclassmen, the start of the Spring semester is a great time to get involved with a club or student organization, if they’ve not already joined any. McFatter offers dozens of extracurricular clubs and activities, covering an incredible range of interests. Involvement in school activities beyond just the coursework has been demonstrated to improve student success in school – and of course, it’s a lot of fun, too.

    Sophomores are preparing to make a very important decision – selecting the technical program in which they will dually enroll for their junior and senior years at McFatter Technical College. The technical program is the most significant unique feature of our school – allowing every student to be both a high school and college student simultaneously – and is the reason that students who are successful in completing their technical program will graduate with two diplomas, one from McFatter Technical High School and one from McFatter Technical College. The importance of this terrific opportunity is why it’s so important for students to learn all they can about our College offerings, in order to pick the one that is their best fit.

    It’s appropriate, as we enter 2020, to ask, What’s your vision for your future?

    As always, we encourage students and families to let us know how we can help you turn your vision into reality.




    Jeanette Johnson


    McFatter Technical College and

    McFatter Technical High School

    (754) 321-5757



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