James Cecil, Principal

    Sawgrass Springs Middle School Community, 

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! We are excited to begin another great year at SSMS. 
    As a reminder, the first day of school for all students is Wednesday, August 15th, and classes begin at 9:15 a.m. We encourage you and/or your son(s) or daughter(s) to pick up their schedules, pay obligations, answer transportation questions, and turn in 7th grade State of Florida 680 Forms with proof of required immunizations at our Homeroom Handout on Monday, August 13th between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. in the cafeteria. Please remind your students that schedules are still tentative until the first day of school. Students who are unable to attend Homeroom Handout will be able to pick up their schedules in the cafeteria on the first day of school, August 15th, starting at 8:30 a.m. 
    We are excited to provide excellent academic, physical, social, and emotional experiences for all of our students. In conjunction with The School Board of Broward County, we will continue to make safety and security our top priority at Sawgrass Springs Middle School. We will be training all staff and students on new safety procedures, adding additional security staff, and plan to have a completed single point of entry as soon as possible. That said, we have outlined the following safety and security related “non-negotiables” that will be implemented at SSMS this year: 
    All students and staff must wear ID’s at all times. All students will receive new ID’s during the first two weeks of school. 
    Our gates will be locked and/or monitored each school day throughout the year.  
    Students, parents, and visitors will not be able to access our campus until 8:30 AM every morning, with the exception of YMCA Before-Care attendees and previously arranged activity participants.  
    Parents and visitors will be asked for picture identification and will sign in at the gate when coming to campus during the school day.  
    Our gates will be locked and/or monitored at 4:15 PM each school day as well. Only YMCA After-Care attendees and previously arranged activity participants will be allowed on campus after that time. 
    All parents, visitors and guests are required to check in at the main office using the Security Tracking and Response (STAR) system. 
    SSMS will be conducting monthly Code Red drills in addition to other state required emergency drills. Notification will be provided to parents for all Code Red and Emergency drills. 
    We understand that meeting these expectations will, at times, pose an inconvenience to our students, staff, parents and guests. However, prioritizing the safety and security of our students is above any, and all, inconveniences that we may face. We need your help and support to successfully secure our campus, maintain the safety of our students, and to communicate the importance of these initiatives. More in depth information will be provided to students during assemblies within the first weeks of school. 
    We look forward to a great school year at Sawgrass Springs Middle! As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 754-322-4500. 
    James Cecil 
    Proud Principal 
    Sawgrass Springs Middle School