Why Students Choose CA!

  •  student                                                                        

    Although I was skeptical at first, The College
    Academy is a wonderful learning
    opportunity that puts me in a mature
    environment and gives me a head start in life!


    Every day that I spend at The College
    Academy is another day I realize how silly it
    would have been if I decided not to come.
    This is the best decision I’ve ever made.


    Coming to the College Academy was one of the
    hardest decisions of my high school life. However, I
    have experienced hard and rigorous courses while
    also enjoying college life – Oh, did I mention the
    extended lunch time!


    I came to The College Academy because I
    couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Earning a
    diploma and an AA degree, free books, fantastic
    professors who really care...who wouldn’t
    want to participate in a program like this?


    I never thought I would be accepted into The
    College Academy. Now that I am here, I look
    forward to a more certain future!


    I worried I wouldn’t be able to see my friends.
    Once I got here, everyone was so nice that
    making friends was easy. I have new and old
    friends. The College Academy is one of the best
    opportunities I’ve ever been given.


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