Partnership Promise




    We at Atlantic Technical College and Technical High School promise to do everything possible to educate your child. Our efforts will succeed if students do their best, and parents work with the school to enable us to fulfill our Partnership Promise.


    A successful STUDENT must promise to:


    • Attend school regularly and on-time, be attentive and involved in class, refrain from interfering with the education of others, and follow school rules and regulations, including the Uniform Shirt Policy and the Honor Code.


    • Complete assignments diligently and consistently.


    • Seek assistance when unsure of class material.


    • Regularly record upcoming assignments, tests or projects; keep track of grades and progress in class.


    • Obtain, complete and submit make-up work, and any notes or class work upon returning from an absence.


     An involved PARENT must promise to:


    • Provide an atmosphere in the home that supports education and sets high expectations.


    • Encourage good attendance, punctuality, and be sure to excuse absences in a timely fashion (assignments and tests may only be made up if absences are excused—Unexcused absences will result in a zero for the days missed--refer to county Attendance Policy in the Code of Student Conduct handbook).


    • Monitor student progress by regularly checking FOCUS online for assignments and grades.  Contact teachers and/or counselor if grades fall below expectations.


    • Be aware of county dates regarding report cards, interim reports, testing and early release days.  Please note: Atlantic Technical Center and Technical High School does not participate in district Professional Development days. 


    • Support county and school rules and regulations. This includes conduct, dress code, Uniform Shirt Policy, attendance, school Honor Code and all other areas covered in the Broward County’s Code of Student Conduct