Why Choose a Magnet Program

  • The Magnet Programs at William Dandy Middle School is designed to cultivate a rich interest and knowledge base in medical and law professions. The program pulls top performing students from the district, who excel in all curricular areas.

    The Broward County Public School district is a nationally recognized leader in the quality and diversity of education we offer students. Magnet Programs offer educational choices in Broward County Public Schools. While similar courses and programs may be available in comprehensive schools, Magnet Programs attract students by offering unique opportunities for in-depth experiences and study in specific areas of interest. Each Magnet Program emphasizes a specialized theme. Our goal is to create educational interests, celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity, and foster student achievement.

    Magnet Programs:

    Expand educational choices for students
    Promote diversity
    Set high expectations for all students to improve student achievement
    Prepare students for further education and the world of work
    Develop positive school climates with academic emphasis
    Provide real-life and hands-on experiences
    Offer mentorship and internship opportunities

    Click Here to go to the District's Magnet Program Website to learn more, or contact our school's magnet coordinator Ms. Shenee Rowe at (754) 322-3200.

    About our Pre-Medical Program:

    The Pre-Medical Program offers a unique opportunity for students interested in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, nursing and health- related occupations. A challenging academic and health-oriented educational program motivates students to pursue health careers. Time is spent exploring various health care professions to determine the field most suited to the student's interest. This program offers an advanced medical science curriculum and opportunities to gain on-site field experiences. Students interact with and learn from county physicians, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and other health-related professionals. Students are also further immersed in study of medical sciences through the county science fair, HOSA club, science camp and with our state of the art IMAC online virtual science laboratories. A thorough cycle of science related career immersion is completed in this 3 year program; many student go on to Pre-Medical programs at the high school level and ultimately seek out careers in the medical field.

    About our Pre-Law and Public Affairs Program:

    Future attorneys, law enforcement officers, and public officials can get an early start in this program, which provides students with realistic experiences and foundations needed in the field of law, criminal justice or public affairs. Students learn to recognize the citizen's role in maintaining a just society based on law and are exposed to a broad range of law-related issues. Students benefit from close interaction with judges, practicing attorneys and public service professionals. In our realistic courtroom, students are able to be part of the wheels of justice, as they take a part in a mock trial. Mock trials feature the students’ ability to hold one of several court positions. The students research their part, assuming a position in the court of law, in preparation for a reality based court case. Students also work to excel in student government, working to run democratic campaigns that culminate in student body voting. Students then run a voting cycle featuring real voting booths, courtesy of the Board of Elections.This is just one of the real-world projects students are consistently immersed in, in keeping with the goals of the overall program.