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Attendance / Absence Reporting

  • Attendance/ Absence Reporting 


    Starting with the 2020 school year, parents will have access to a more convenient method to report their child’s absence. Parents can fill out a form on our School Website under the "Contacts" tab that will send a notification to the school regarding your student’s absence.

    Regular school attendance is important to a child’s success in school. No amount of make-up class work can substitute for the instruction and interaction provided during the school day. Parents must report an absence the day before, the day of, or within two school days following the absence, or the absence will be considered unexcused. Attendance must be reported by email, telephone, online form, or written note.

    Parents may excuse a child’s absence by sending an email directly to our attendance manager (and copy the teacher) at: Tropicalattendance@browardschools.com or the new online form located on our website under “contact.” Parents may also choose to use the direct 24-hour attendance line at (754) 323-7752 or provide a written note to the teacher excusing the child’s absence. The email, phone call, online form, or note must include the child’s name, classroom teacher’s name, the date(s) of absence, the reason for the absence, and the parent’s name excusing the absence.

    Please click here to view Attendance Counts video.