• 6th-Grade - Mrs. Cassandra Adderley

    It is with great pleasure that I welcome our new 6th graders this year. 

    I believe that as the 6th Grade Assistant Principal at Attucks Middle School, I must set the standard for a rich, student-centered learning environment. As part of a new generation of instructional leadership, my philosophy centers around integrating the necessary resources to develop an intellectually, emotionally and physically sound human being capable of making informed decisions and prospering in a democratic society. The purpose of education is to provide the necessary skills and competencies for an educated citizenry to promote a democratic society. I must be an instructional leader making data lead decisions and willing to take risks to maintain a competitive edge. This contemporary concept reflects my philosophy that all agents of the school district are responsible for promoting student achievement. As an instructional leader, I want to be easy to understand, practical, sensible and responsive to the environment of the school and the values of the community.

    My goals for Attucks Middle School are as follows:

    • To make certain that every student meets and exceeds the minimum requirements for promotion and is prepared to be productive citizens in society.
    • To make certain that students successfully compete at the highest levels nationally and internationally and are prepared to make well-reasoned, thoughtful, and healthy lifelong decisions.
    • To provide an environment that is drug-free and protects students health, safety, and civil rights.
    • To provide the appropriate curriculum resources and professional development necessary to ensure that all students receive an equitable education.
    • To offer opportunities for parents and guardians to be active partners in achieving our school improvement and educational accountability goals.

    It is an honor to continue to serve our wonderful community.

    Mrs. Cassandra Adderley

  • 7th Grade - Mrs. Terry Tait



    Welcome Eagles to your second year of middle school!  It is going to be exciting to watch you prepare yourselves to succeed in secondary education and leave the nest and move on to high school and beyond.  Incredible things are happening this year; our first Cambridge Scholars class is going to be taking the Cambridge Global Perspectives course, measuring their progress against students from all over the world, school dances and field trips are coming your way, and finally, your promotion ceremony!

    I look forward to our best year yet.  Work hard, have fun, stay focused, and get ready for high school!

    Ms. Terry Tait, Assistant Principal
    8th Grade Administrator


  • 8th Grade - Mr. Thomas Bellamy

     Mr. Bellamy

    Mr. Bellamy has been an educator for over 30 years. He began his career as an educator in Miami-Dade County.  He worked as a teacher and coach during this time. His administrative career began in 1996.  He had the distinct pleasure of transitioning to Broward County in 1999 as an administrator.

    Prior to joining the Attucks Middle School community as an administrator, Mr. Bellamy gained his leadership skills with other middle schools throughout the county.  Mr. Bellamy has obtained a plethora of knowledge and strengths during his career and it is with pride that he is joining the Attucks Middle School family.  Education and experience are the keys to success,these are two valuable assets,that all individuals should take advantage of, in order to become the best that they can be. This is something that Mr. Bellamy truly believes in and as the 7th grade administrator, will enforce throughout the school year to his students.

    Mr. Bellamy graduated from Hiram College in Ohio receiving his Bachelor of Arts with an Educational Certification in 1980.  He earned his Masters of Science in Sports Administration in 1981 from St. Thomas University.  In the belief  that the more you know, the more you grow, he gained his Educational Specialist degree in 1996, from Nova Southeastern University.

    Work hard but we must also play hard. Mr. Bellamy enjoys sports,hunting, fishing, camping and just about any and all outdoor activities. He had the distinct honor of being inducted into the Broward Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame.