Assistant Principal's Message


    Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members:

    It is a great honor to be the Assistant Principal at Welleby Elementary School! As your Assistant Principal, it is my goal to ensure that ALL students achieve social and academic excellence, becoming life-long 21st century learners. At Welleby Elementary we respect and embrace diverse learning styles as we focus on meeting the individual needs of each child so that they reach their highest potential. I truly believe that in order for this to be accomplished, we need the support of you, our parents and community. Additionally, we must ensure a safe and welcoming learning environment where parents, students, staff, and outside stakeholders come together and work with one another as a community of learners and leaders. 

    At Welleby Elementary it is the expectation that faculty and staff establish and maintain a safe and positive school climate that nurtures development and learning. The Welleby Elementary school environment is one that emphasizes trust, cooperation and respect while valuing the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and intelligences of our many students. By providing a safe, supportive, and child centered learning environment, we can ensure long-term success for all of our students.

    I am a firm believer in the importance of building strong, trusting relationships with all of my students, parents, staff and community stakeholders. As we begin the school year, it will be my focus to ensure maximum efficiency through the use of teamwork and collaboration in which we emphasize participation, ideas, and feedback from all. The school culture at Welleby Elementary is one that consists of actively engaged families combined with highly effective teachers and school leaders. Our school will foster individual differences, encourage innovative thinking, set challenging goals, and hold high expectations for all students, staff, parents, and community members. By building strong relationships within the school and community, Welleby Elementary School will be a constructive organization that works together, learns from one another, and accomplishes great things!

    It is going to be an awesome school year, and if you need anything at all, my door is always open. 


    Mr. Favata, Assistant Principal

     Mr. Favata