• End-of-the-Year Field Trip and Dance Requirements

    To be eligible to attend End-of-the-Year Field Trips and 8th Grade Dance students must:

    • Have passing grades in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science with a cumulative of 4 points in each subject where an “A” = 4 points, “B” = 3 points, “C” = 2 points and “D” = 1 point. Student grades will be checked one month prior to the event. (Please note that if your child’s grade(s) drop, he/she may be removed from the event and a refund may not be available).
    • NOT have more than ONE behavioral or bus referral two months before the event.
    • NOT have THREE OR MORE Dress Code/ID violations in each quarter.


    Please contact grade-level administrator for any questions or concerns at (754) 323 – 4500.