Our Curriculum

  • What does an elementary school curriculum look like?

    Elementary school is a fun and challenging time for your child. It's a time to build friendships and discover new subjects and special interests. The elementary school curriculum is usually a general education that exposes your child to arts, music, math, and literature. As scholars learn and takes classes in each subject, they will find out the subjects that stimulate them the most.

    Reading/Language Arts

    In elementary school, your child will learn core subjects and develop fundamental skills. Language skills are taught from first to sixth grade through spelling, writing, and reading. Many public school programs will observe the progress of your child and place him in language courses that are appropriate to his learning style and progress.


    Mathematics is also taught in this manner. Beginning with basic arithmetic and moving on to geometry and basic algebra, your child's experience of learning math in elementary school will build upon itself. Most schools ensure that each year your child is admitted to a program that is a natural level above where he left off at the end of the previous year.


    Science is generally taught to the entire class, and science fairs are commonplace in elementary schools. Additionally, your child will have regularly scheduled physical education and art classes, rounding out his academic experience. Check out our Science Page!