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    National Honor Society

    Mu Alpha Theta
    TBA for 2018-2019

    ACT Tutoring Schedule:

    The ACT Test is THIS SATURDAY!!   10/27/18

    Grammar Tutoring        10/23/18  - 3:05pm to 5:20pm 

    Science Tutoring            10/25/18  -  3:05pm to 5:20pm  

    Reading Tutoring           10/26/18  -   3:05pm to 5:20pm 

    Tutoring will be in room 257C.  No sign-up needed.



    FAQ's about the ACT

    1. Who should take the ACT test and why?

    a.  Juniors and Seniors ONLY.  Those who failed the FSA reading should take the ACT. If they score a 19 in reading, they waive the FCAT requirement.
    b.  Juniors and Seniors only. It is not recommended for Freshmen or Sophomores as they should be focusing on the FSA test and EOCs.
    c.  Juniors and Seniors going to college would want to score well on the ACT.

    2. How much does this tutoring cost?  

    Due to funding provided by the SAC committee, it is free for all SPHS students.  (sorry outside students not allowed).

    3. Does it really work?

    Yes!  I have seen many students who have scored 12 or 13 have gone up to 24 in the reading section.  Generally you should see a significant  point jumps in ALL sections.

    4.  When is tutoring? 

    More information will be forthcoming for 2018-2019 school year.