Campus Safety

  • All Visitors and Guests

    Any person entering the building for school business must check in at the student affairs at the front of the school. You must have a valid picture identification. Individuals who do not have legitimate business or appointments will not be allowed into the building.

    Late Arrivals

    Students arriving after the 8:05 school bell must sign-in at Student Affairs (located at the main entrance). Students who do not sign in will receive consequences in accordance with the BCS Discipline Matrix. Only those individuals listed on the emergency card filled out at the beginning of school may call in or accompany the student to excuse the student's tardy.

    • First Period Tardies: (unexcused)
      • Must report to lockout (Room 132)
      • Students will be able to makeup assignments with an excused or unexcused tardy
    • Second to seventh period tardies:
      • All students report to lockout in room 132 for a tardy pass to go to class.
    Signing Out
      • Students are expected to be in school on time and are expected to stay for the entire day.
      • Each student is permitted (excused or unexcused) 3 sign-ins and 3 sign-outs per marking period (9 weeks). Parent/guardian/emergency card contacts are the only ones allowed to sign a student in or out.
      • All subsequent sign-ins and sign-outs will be unexcused unless a doctor's note or a court appearance note is provided.

    All broward county personnel and South Plantation personnel must wear their ID badges at all times while in the building.

    Student IDs

    Student IDs are crucial to the safety and security of our school. IDs must be readily available and presented to school personnel and security. Students who fail to comply with the ID policy will incur disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Broward County School Discipline Matrix. 

    Students are not allowed to deface their ID by coloring, placing stickers on, or changing the design of the ID in any way. Students who alter the original picture and design of their ID must replace the ID.

    Replacement IDs
    Students who come to school without their ID, have lost their ID, or have a defaced ID will have the opportunity to get a Replacement ID before the start of the school day or during their lunch in the media center. Replacement IDs will cost $10.00 and are the responsibility of the student.  Obligations will be issued for not having an ID.