School Year 2019-2020


    1st Vice President
    Wayne Clarke

    Texsenia Hall


    Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)
    At William Dandy Middle Magnet School we continually aim for excellence. William Dandy Middle PTSA involvement and funding assists our school in curricular and extra curricular goals. William Dandy Middle PTSA welcomes the active involvement of school staff, students and parents. You may become a member or make a contribution by contacting us at 754-322-3200. 
    School Advisory Council (SAC)
    The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a governing body made up of parents, community members, teachers, staff members, and students. The primary objective of the School Advisory Council is to develop and implement the school improvement plan. SAC sets goals based on the student achievement and expectations. Through monthly SAC meetings, the SAC members monitor the implementation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and discuss other important topics relevant to school budget, achievement, student and school needs, etc.

    What is SAF?

    The School Advisory Forum (SAF) is open to all members of the school and community. The Forum has one member to report to the School Advisory Council, which then sends a representative to the district SAC. The district SAC acts as advisors, mentors, and advocates to both the district and to each school advisory council. At a School Advisory Forum all present will:

    • Plan, develop, and implement parent/community programs and training activities.
    • Address parent/community concerns; work with administration to solve problems and initiate desired changes.
    • Identify and coordinates the use of community resources to improve student achievement and school effectiveness.
    • Participate in increasing/sustaining high levels of community support for the school.
    • Assist SAC in identifying the educational needs and priorities of the school.
    • Participate in the preparation of the budget, and review budget related concerns.
    • Advocated for positive change in the school.
    • Remain current with school, district, state, and national issues.
    • Jointly works with School Board Members, Superintendent, and local Government officials.

    Facilities, Safety, Legislative, ESE, ESOL, Boundaries, Curriculum, Dress code, and Transportation are all issues addressed by SAF.

    Join William Dandy Middle PTSA
    Please join the PTSA today. Membership is just $10.00 per person. Parents, guardians, students, teachers, grandparents, family members and community members are all encouraged to join. It is through your membership dollars that we are able to continue to support and advocate!

    Your PTSA cannot accomplish all of our goals without the help of all of our Wildcat families. Your PTSA proudly supports the students and faculty of William Dandy Middle School.