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    Accelerated Reader

    Accelerated Reader is one of our school’s reading programs.  The program is optional, but easy to do.  In the fourth quarter students will get rewards for points earned,  as well as TOP monthly readers, and in class incentives. Go to Renaissance Leaning to LOG IN, and explore.

     How do you earn A/R points?

    Read an accelerated reader book, and then take the accelerated reader test. In class, computer lab, or the media center. If you pass with at least 60% or better you may earn points.

     Tips to help you do well on your tests:

    1. Read books on your level.  If the book is too low for you, you won’t advance your reading skills.  If the book is too high you will have problems passing the test.
    2. This is not an open book test.
    3. Use a READING LOG!  Jot down one or two sentences per chapter, it will help you focus your reading.
    4. Read for at least 30 minutes daily, independently.
    5. Keep your library card in good standing (Don’t loose  or damage books, and return your books on time)

    Good Luck, and Good Reading!

    SSYRA voting dates for 2019 are Comming Soon....

    Do you have a book to recommend to the committee? We encourage book recommendations! Books must have been published within the last three years and be fiction titles that students in grades 3-5 and 6-8 would enjoy reading for pleasure.  to find our more go to the website for SSYRA.

    Suggested Book Title Form 

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